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Random Awesomness…

seattle rain
Pitch dark at 3:00 PM smh …

Oh holy hell, I’m about to make the most random post of all time. But let’s face it living in Seattle away from all my friends in a place that is dark all day long and NEVER FUCKING STOPS RAINING, has made me go slightly crazy! It’s seriously messing with me. I’m so damn bored. So I thought I’d share my ridiculousness with you, mainly to entertain myself because my kids are gone for a week and I have no friends… so here goes.

Checked the mail today, which I probably do bi-monthly, unless Izzy remembers, cuz for some reason she’s obsessed with it and thinks cool stuff actually comes in the mail (my children are so deprived) …anyway… Checked the mail and to my surprise two very cool things actually did come in the mail today. Poor Izzy missed them (which made me instantly depressed for her).

Cool thing #1. 

An envelope stuffed with hand written letters from all the kids at Kanen’s old elementary school Barnes in Beaverton Oregon. It’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen in my life and the poor kid wasn’t here when it came.  (Maybe I’ll resend it in the mail and have them check it next week…hmmm). I opened it, and immediately start tearing up. It’s so sweet and so sad and makes me miss our friends back home.

soooo sweet….


Cool thing #2.  

The most hilarious birthday card from my uncle which made me laugh/cry at the same time. Which is great to know I still have both emotions so readily available to me whenever I might need them (why the fuck am I NOT an actress? It’s a legitimate question…) But it is kinda randomly awesome that at my birthday dinner on Saturday night my friends were all trying to convince me to pass-out drunk and get a tattoo (I’m not making this up, I actually have friends whom I adore, who believe this is a sound plan for MY birthday night out!). Needless to say it didn’t work. I’m much too stubborn!

If you’re my Facebook friend….then you already know, nuf said!

Oh then something kinda sad and great also happened when I was driving home from work today (prior to checking the mail… sorry I’m all out of my ADD med’s and it’s making me a little …. ADD). My ex-husband called to personally tell me he’s getting married (to the women he had our-marriage-ending affair with) in like a week. Holy fuck. Yeah it was weird. Caught me off guard as I’ve basically never had a conversation with him in the last three years. Was crazy.  There was even a moment where he started telling me about his day just like old times, then caught himself when he realized he hadn’t actually talked to me in three years. Awkward. But when I asked him if he was happy and said “congratulations”, I was even more shocked that it gave me a lump in my throat, when he said “yes”.  Then I thought Where the fuck is the justice in this world????

 So that was unique about today….

And to top it off I decided I needed a cocktail after such an oddly liberating/depressing convo with my ex, so I went to sushi alone and had three beers when I meant to have one.

Beer and sushi, what more is there? After you get news like THAT.

And then I tried to go super-couponing which is challenging after three beers. So I wound up with enough smores fixens to feed a football team, or an entire campsite.

A few potential problems I can see as my buzz starts to wear off:
A. There are no decent football teams in Washington.
B. I would rather die then go camping, even if it did mean I could make a legitimate smore.
C. I only have a candle to roast the marshmallows on… and oh yeah
OMG I’m exhausted. 
I do think the shampoo was a wise investment though.

10 bags of marshmallows and 10 packs of candy-bars… WTF Sarah?

And then I came home and Googled face yoga because I’m too poor for Botox and am sick of looking like this…

Everyone’s all “why did your face look so bitchy?” I’m all “WHAT are you talking about!? That’s my normal face!” UGH.

So I sat on my couch and texted my girlfriend that we should do drunk face yoga together while watching trash reality shows on TV.  Which she was happy to do because she understands that I’m mostly pathetic but also hilarious when I’m doing drunk text cometary on reality shows….

*doing this every day on my three hour commute in mad traffic and poring rain… my face is gonna be fit as fuck! So that about sums up my day… it was mostly average. Welcome to my little hot-mess train wreck. (please don’t judge me). 

If you liked this post you should read: “Who said you should never drunk dial???” That will totally raise your selfesteem!


Sarah Centrella is the author of the book Hustle Believe Receive which teaches you how to apply the #HBRMethod to change your life and live your dream.

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Health & Fitness My Stories

37 and Counting…

birthday hat
I so need this Birthday Hat!

I feel pretty blessed and lucky at this moment.  Today I turned 37 years old. It’s a day I’ve been half dreading the past six months, not really sure why other than it puts me ever closer to that uber dreaded number of 40! But when it’s all said and done, I’m just so glad to be starting a new year healthy and in a good place. I’m glad that I still feel young, and look young, and have a young attitude that I never plan on loosing.

Today I received over 500 birthday wishes from every corner of the globe some in languages I don’t understand… but the love that was behind them I do, and I so deeply appreciate.  I’ve never had a birthday to speak of, didn’t celebrate them growing up so as an adult they have never really been cause for celebration.  Most of the time I’m alone or just with my kids.  And most of the time they are depressing as shit and I hate them. I’m chronically disappointed in them every year, even though I expected nothing in the first place.

But this year I have been coming to peace with it, and realizing that it really is a celebration of health and life.  I’ve been through so many hard times the past few years that to be starting a new year with things moving in the right direction, what more could I wish for? So it was a good day, just me and my kids and nothing special.  Accept for the hundreds of heart-felt wishes, poems, letters and messages from around the world from people, most of whom I don’t know, personally taking the time to let me know they thought about me today… that feels pretty fucking amazing.  I wasn’t alone today, it’s like I had a huge international celebration!!

All I can say is I’m so blessed to have you all in my life, thank you 🙂


Cheers to 37!


Sarah Centrella is the author of the book Hustle Believe Receive which teaches you how to apply the #HBRMethod to change your life and live your dream.

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Love is such a crazy and irrational emotion.  It can make people do some ridiculousness shit. It’s the one emotion that you can’t control, and that alone is terrifying. It makes you break all your rules. Turns you into your own worst enemy. Strips you of all pride, and enables your vulnerable humiliation.


It’s the one drug you can’t buy.  The one thing that regardless of your power, wealth, or success you cannot acquire. It’s illusive. There is nothing you can do to force it, or hunt it down or manufacture; it just either is, or it’s not. It’s the one thing that all humans search for whether they admit it or not. It’s what we all want.  We all want to find that drug, let it fill us up from the inside, and keep us warm at night.

So when you find it, and it finds you and the situations not right, it can really piss you off. It begs the question, why find me at all? If it’s a known fact that timing is off from the jump, than why not leave me alone? I mean that would be the nice thing to do.  Just let me mind my business and skip the stupid drunk dials and broken heart and just let me be. Let me live in peace.

But even though most of us are so afraid to fall in love because we are even more afraid of getting our hearts broken, those moments when love fills you down to your toenails… those are the moments when you feel most alive.  The ones when you truly believe that anything is possible and that love can conquer all. Even though it scares you to death to allow that happiness to fill you up like a hot air balloon, when you do, you can fly so high. Those moments remind us why we search endlessly for love. Because when we find it, regardless of how long it lasts, that feeling is enough to recharge our soul and give us hope for the future.  And even though a piece of us might die every time we lose it, more of us comes alive each time we find it.

broken heart

For those of you who are in love, or with someone you love… tell them right after you read this, how much they mean to you.  How grateful you are for all the little things they do for you.  Being in love and in a relationship is NOT their oblation, it’s NOT a given (yes even if your married), it’s not guaranteed.  So remember that.  They don’t have to stay, they didn’t have to pick you.  But they did and they are, so make them not regret it.  Tell them how glad you are that you don’t wake up everyday in a bed by yourself.  Tell them. I promise you they don’t “know,” you have to TELL them, every single day.

For those of you who are thinking that the grass might be greener in the single pasture... think again.  Reconsider the person your with, the time you’ve invested and the love you share. Realize that the only thing “missing” is you not giving them all of you.  You not telling them enough how much they mean to you. Love works best when given away. If you want more affection from your mate then give THEM more affection.

And for those of us still looking for love....  Don’t give up. I know it seems like the best solution sometimes, but don’t close your heart.  Remain steadfast in the knowledge that when your not looking for love, it usually finds you.  Become the type of person you’d want to fall in love with and it will come to you. I believe that for me, I have to. Because I refuse to let my heart bleed out.

One day…


Sarah Centrella is the author of the book Hustle Believe Receive which teaches you how to apply the #HBRMethod to change your life and live your dream.

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My Stories

Blank Stare.

*Here’s a random story from my upcoming memoir… your welcome! 🙂


I’m putting Kanen to bed, and he says “Mama, tonight can you tell me a story from when you were a
little girl?” I rack my brain for something kid appropriate. And then I have it “This is a cute story” I begin; he turns
toward me on the bed listening intently.
So I tell him of the time my little brother Jeremiah went out to the hen house where our mama duck had just hatched a batch of baby chicks who were swimming in a canning pot for lack of a pond. When I’d gone to check on them, I found the lid on and my brother sitting in the dirt, waiting as if it was pop-corn and the lid would magically pop-up on its own. I raised the lid to find all the duckies floating face down in the water.
“What!?” Kanen says. “He killed the duckies!” “Oh you’re right.  I guess that wasn’t a funny story, let me think of something else.”

           So then I tell him about our goat Cloudy who had gotten into a burlap sack of uncooked brown rice.   And how Josiah thought it was hilarious when the goat tried to eat the peanut butter he was also feeding him.  Tong sticking to the roof of his mouth, but still begging for more.  In his defense, he was only like five, and it was hilarious.  Until an hour later we found the goat on its side, tummy inflated like a hot-air balloon, dead as a door nail.

“What?!” Kanen gives a half horrified laugh.
“Well, we had a lot of animals die when I was a kid.” I tell him.  “It’s the casualty of living in the country.
More dead dogs then I can shake a stick at.” He’s not impressed.  
I’m realizing these stories could scar my son, so I quickly tell him the happiest story I can
remember from my childhood.  The night of the magical Christmas tree, the night I got the only toy I’d ever owned, my beloved boy doll Josh.  He looks relieved, until he asks “so what happened to Josh?”
“I left him in the sun, and his face melted off”.
He looks at me, blankstare. “Mama, can you not tell me stories about when you were a little girl
I see his point.



Sarah Centrella is the author of the book Hustle Believe Receive which teaches you how to apply the #HBRMethod to change your life and live your dream.

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My Stories

Law of Attraction Works! Here’s MORE Proof.

Acrobat Izzy playing in our back yard

I hope I’m not beating a dead horse here, but the HBRMethod  (my version of LOA) is some crazy cool shit! I mean seriously. I’ve posted some pretty amazing manifestations before, but this one really is the case in point.  The proof-positive that no matter what happens in your life, even the super super shitty stuff, it’s all part of your big picture being manifested.

If you believe it like I do, then that faith has the power to set your stress free.  You stop worrying about trying to fix everything, or dwell on why things seem to fall apart and instead trust that some how it’s all going to reveal that it was just magic in the making.

Believe me I know it’s a hard thing to do, if your a regular reader to this blog, then you’ve read my posts on an “off” day when I’m questioning everything.  But last year at this time the kids and I were in a VERY different place then we are today. Last May I was suddenly fired from my new job, which left me without an income for almost two months with three kids to support.  Then our house flooded on June 2nd of last year leaving us homeless for almost an entire month. It was the Red Cross that came to our aid and kept the kids and I together and from a much worse situation.

Mira relaxing on the front lawn (we’d never had a yard before)

When all that happened I wanted to give up so damn bad you have no idea. (Read the posts from June of 2011 and you’ll see).  But my faith in #HustleBelieveReceive (my version of LOA)  and the belief that somehow it would all work out and that it was part of my big dream somehow is what kept me from completely melting down.  I believe that when really shitting things happen to us that it’s an Earthquake Moment making room for our ultimate manifestation.

Cooking in my favorite kitchen EVER with my girlfriend

I could have never guessed what that might be.  But this week as the kids and I have been filming our story for the Red Cross national ad campaign, I realized that our final day of filming will be on June 2nd.  That’s the actual day the Red Cross came to our aid one year ago.  How insane is that? We will go back to the hotel, our old house and film at the girls 5th birthday party, showing us one year after.  I just find that so amazing.

Who would have thought back then when we were in the thick of survival and fear that a year later, that very thing would be what is opening doors for us on a huge scale. A year later I have a better job then I’d ever had, the best house I’ve ever lived in my entire life, and a chance to make my big dreams a reality.  We now have a yard, which I’d always wanted but never had before, a kitchen and room to have friends come stay. But I had to lose it all last year in order for these doors to be open.  Everything always happens for a reason.

Life is a trip!

Makin dinner (follow on Instagram: SarahCentrella)

Keep the faith even when you don’t want to.  Believe in magic even when it defies reason.

That my friends, is exactly what the #HBRMethod means to me.  It might have taken a full year for this manifestation to come true, but it did, and in a bigger way than I’d dreamed it. I’ve had the dream/goal to get the kids and my story out there in a big way, and it turns out that what felt like the end of the world was the opening of a door to a whole new one.

Oh what a difference a year makes! Last year we were eating cereal all day in a hotel


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