Your Dream Is Waiting.

Sarah Centrella

Author | Life Coach | Motivational Speaker and single mama. I'm a chick on a mission to prove anything is possible for ANYONE. My story featured in the New York Times, Steve Harvey Show and NBC.

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4 Responses

  1. Teefah says:

    I needed to read this right now
    All morning i’ve been plagued by the feeling of self doubt, failure, before i read this post i was ready to give up
    Id even said a prayer to God asking maybe i should accept my medicrity and that i would just be one of those people who despite the hardwork, the belief, things just won’t happen for me.
    your blog always inspires me so i thought i’d come here not even knowing why and I read this
    all i can say is thank you and thank God for bringing me here

    • I cant tell you how much this warms my heart… it’s the reason I have such a passion to share my story and the knowledge I have gained with the world… this makes it all worth it 🙂 thank you for inspiring me 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am not one for hard work. I’m more a sit in the background type person. But approaching my 40th birthday I want to wow people with a noticeable weigtloss and you have inspired me to push through my feelings of laziness and go.get that slim body hurried under layers of fat and insecurity. I keep you posted on my progress on fb and twitter x. DS.

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