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In Another Life

Sometimes its hard to understand why things happen the way they do. They just don’t make sense. Like how can you go through your whole life waiting for and dreaming about a certain moment, then the moment comes and it’s perfect…just the way you dreamed it. Accept it’s not…it came with a catch.

A catch?? Really??

It’s seriously annoying.

The old me would be really discouraged right about now, would probably even feel a little sorry for myself. But the new me realizes that everything that comes into my life, good or bad has been brought to me intentionally for a purpose. Knowing that, takes the sting out of nearly perfect moments. Knowing that, strengthens my belief that the PERFECT moment is yet to come.

I’m so grateful that I can see these experiences as teaching moments. Doesn’t mean that it doesn’t TOTALLY SUCK ASS, because it really does. It’s kinda heartbreakingly sad, really.  The selfish me wants this moment to work out in my favor, wants this experience. But sometimes timing is everything, and that’s just life. I know enough to realize that I cant make anything perfect. I can put my desire out there and let what’s right for me, come to me.

But the good news is, now I know… now I know I drew it to me once, I can do it again. It will be worth the wait, I have complete faith.

Now I know, that feeling is possible. That connection is possible. What the movies depict can happen in real life, I’ll wait patiently for it to happen again. Lightening can strike twice I don’t care what the
skeptics say.



In another life
I would be your girl
We’d keep all our promises 
Be us against the world
In another life
I would make you stay
So I don’t have to say
You were the one that got away.

Sarah Centrella is the author of the book Hustle Believe Receive which teaches you how to apply the #HBRMethod to change your life and live your dream.

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Cooking for Thanksgivng With my Kids

Izzy cutting yams…

I love Thanksgiving. It’s always been my favorite holiday all my life, but it takes on even greater meaning the older my children get. I love cooking with my kids no matter what and they love to cook, but Thanksgiving is just something special.

I watched today as my son made Harvest Apple Pie. He pealed, cored and sliced all the apples just the way I did when I was his age. He followed my recipe, one I’ve adapted over the years, but which was always my gift to the family at Thanksgiving and occasionally if I was feeling generous randomly throughout the year.  He stirred and simmered the apples over stove, poured the bubbling mixture into his homemade pie crust and fluted the edges like a pro. I am so proud. Yes I’m raising a son who can dominate in football, bake a pie and do the tango with his sisters, don’t judge me!

All day long we baked pies. Thankful Pumpkin Pie… which turned Kanen into a CIA style body guard protecting it like it was The President at a parade of Republicans (don’t hate!). Didn’t work all that well as there are 3 distinct finger swipe marks in the finished product 🙁 Then came the one which is the most special to me. Sweet Bing Cherry Pie. I made this one as a little girl 9 years old or so…everyone loved it so much it became my trademark. Though looking back now, my whole wheat pie crust was so tough that you had to bite into it with the gusto of hard candy. Thank god the recipes have evolved a little. But the base flavors are still there, and my kitchen today was filled with their aromas.

Sweet Bing Cherry Pie 🙂

We made Cornbread, Apple Walnut Stuffing… much to my surprise Mira, my 4 year old took quite a fancy to it, as evident by the gigantic hole missing from half of the pan which greeted me after taking a shower… hey at least she likes it!

Izzy made the Cranberry sauce, with berries and fresh orange zest. All three of them picked the little tart fruit from the Pomegranate to mix in. They made sauces and dips, chopped vegetables and made flowers out of radishes.

Today was a great day. Capped off by the best little surprise treat. My sister coming from 7 hours away to hang out with us. It was perfect, I have two 4 year olds how also happen to be the best little masseuses in the world, so whats better then getting double foot massages at the end of a day like today by little loving hands.

I love my life.

Thanksgiving is a day to remember all the things we are grateful for. I am grateful for finally learning this year what it means to truly be GRATEFUL. For learning that in ALL THINGS we can find reason to show gratitude. That no mater how low you have fallen, or how dark you hole, there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for.

Kanen making apple pie

I’m also eternally grateful for what this year has meant to me as it relates to this blog. It’s difficult to put into words what it means to me that anyone takes the time to read anything I have to say. It’s humbling and it has caused me to grow and learn so much more then I could ever teach. It and YOU have been my family and support system…so I’m so Thankful for each of you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Videos of the kids cooking…




Sarah Centrella is the author of the book Hustle Believe Receive which teaches you how to apply the #HBRMethod to change your life and live your dream.

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Greatest Life Lesson.

I watched one of Oprah’s Life Classes recently and was struck by what one of the guest said, and have been pondering it ever sense. But it wasn’t until yesterday that I believed it, and realized how true it really is.

 To paraphrase:
 Peoples words and opinions to and about you, are just that; words and opinions. They don’t on their own merit, hold any weight in your life. It’s our decision if we chose to give them weight and meaning. 
Our decision.
Think about that, not for a minute but for the rest of your life. Let it sink in.
People’s words and opinions are meaningless, unless we decide they are valuable enough to give them meaning.
We make that choice.
Not them.
Words can no longer cut me. Control my emotions, predict my future. They are meaningless unless I chose to make them valid.
Think about the worst insult you ever received. Something that cut to the core of you, that made all your insecurities rise to the top, that made you question who you are and what you’re capable of. Think of that, the most hurtful thing anyone ever said to you… Was it TRUE? Was it actually who you are? Or was it someone’s opinion of who you are? Did you give that weight in your life? Did it haunt and destroy you? Threaten to? How did you react? Did you believe it? If someone said it, it must be true right?
Everyone is entitled to their opinions, even of you. That does NOT make it fact, or real, or true. It makes it one person’s OPINION of you. That’s it.
The only time those words or opinions matter to you is when you allow them to matter, and allow them to create their destructive intentions in your life. But just as easily as they came flying at you like a
switchblade to your gut, you can control if it leaves a wound or a scar. You can put on the protection needed to let it bounce off and leave you unscathed.
So this is what made the light bulb go off in my head last night…
Two years ago I met someone who turned out, to let’s just say be one of those people who enjoys cutting other people down. Specializes in throwing switchblades,  and is oddly good at getting them to stick, at least where I was concerned.
We had finally parted ways when he let me know in the most disturbing and hurtful way that not only was I unattractive, but I was in fact repulsive AND the all dreaded…..fat. Yup! I was a “fatty” (same size then as now, BTW). Being newly single from my marriage, I was understandably devastated. I had little or no self-esteem at the time, and my weight had been a lifelong “don’t go there” subject.  Not only that but I had just dropped about 40lbs and was finally starting to feel sexy and “normal”. No question this was the worst of the worst. I can’t lie; it fucked my mind up, bad for a long time.
But two years have gone by and the past 18 months or so I’ve learned how to control my thoughts and therefore my life (am learning to I should say), and so I’ve worked through all that and moved on to a happy place.
Well wouldn’t you know it, whenever you think you got it on lock that’s when you are tested to see how you handle under pressure.  Believing and knowing what to do is all well and good when everything is going your way, but can you stick to it when the shit hits the fan?
So who reappeared in my life?? Yup! And me being me, I believe he deserved a second chance at being in my circle. I’m living proof that people can change, so who am I to judge? All was forgiven.
We began to rebuild a friendship over the past few months, and though rocky at points I felt he had made some good progress the past 2 years. And then last night….. There it was again. Yep! He was unhappy with me and out it came… same words as last time. He was so hopeful it would have the
same reaction too. That I’d be angry, that I’d lash out. That I’d be devastated.
But suddenly it was just funny to me.
I realized so clearly, that if that was his opinion of me then of course he is entitled to it. If a “good body” means a size 4 to him, then he is right. I am NOT a size 4. I WILL NEVER BE A SIZE 4. But even more
importantly I realized I NEVER WANT to be a size 4. NEVER. EVER. Even if I could wave a magic wand, I don’t want that, it’s NOT who I am, or want to be. It’s just not me.
So my reply was; you’re right. You like small chicks, I’m not one. I’m a curvy chick, so it stands to
reason that guys who are drawn to curvy chicks would like me, and you wouldn’t, its common sense. It’s like comparing apples to oranges, irrelevant argument. 
What had hurt me so bad before, now made me laugh. Made me realize how ridiculous this stab really was. It was his attempt to hurt me because he assumed I wanted to be a skinny chick and that there was only one universal definition of beauty.
There is not: One.Universal.Definition of beauty.
Some guys like curves, some guys like skinny. To each his own. Thank the lord there are all kinds of women out there who are beautiful and men who find them that way. It’s not wrong or right, its apples and oranges.
I love how I look; this is how I WANT to look. I’m working with a trainer to be my absolute healthiest
and in the best shape I can be, but I don’t want to lose a million lbs. (did I just say that??… god I am growing as a person!!!) but I really don’t. A few is fine, but I’d rather have what I have, the way I am then trade it for something
I’m definitely NOT.
This is me; it’s what makes me who I am. (Why the hell did it take me 36 years to embrace this??? Smh).
So other peoples words and opinions are just that, everyone is entitled to them. They are not the literal equivalent in our lives. They are projections on us, not actually us. They bear no legitimate meaning
to us, unless we WANT them to.
The first time he said it, I was insulted I wanted to believe that about myself, clearly I didn’t know it at the time, it was subconscious. But it was the Law of Attraction bringing me the negative validation I was
putting out into the world.  Remember the LOA brings what we think about good or bad. This time, I was able to instantly recognize this as a weightless, useless comment and let it roll off me like a waxed car
in a rain storm. It was irrelevant to my life, just someone’s useless words and opinions that don’t deserve validation.
What a ridiculously liberating thought.

Strange how breakthroughs can come when someone is trying to break you. How powerful to know that you have enough control of yourself, feelings and emotions to deflect what is useless and keep driving, even in the rain. 

P.S. Love and embrace yourself and all your flaws and imperfections. When I started to do so, I became my authentic self for the first time in my life. I love my imperfections, they are what allow me to live without stress, trying to be perfect is such a stressful job! ugh, done with that!

Sarah Centrella is the author of the book Hustle Believe Receive which teaches you how to apply the #HBRMethod to change your life and live your dream.

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My Stories Your Life Coach

A Fresh Start.

So the last few weeks have been a whirlwind! But thankfully in a good way. As you know I’m a fighter, survivor and believe in turning adversity into triumph.

So when faced with my latest test, I was determined to again rise to the challenge. Last week I was flown out to Washington DC for a day long interview, came home for a day then went to New York for interviews and Connecticut for the weekend. I got to spend time with great friends, and see a part of the country I’ve always wanted to see.

After traveling back and forth to the east coast 3 times in 2 weeks, I’m glad to be sitting on my couch thinking it all over… so much has happened. So much good and exciting! New challenges lay a head but they are going to be so fun to conquer! I have a big move for me and the kids in store, as I accepted an amazing position in Seattle today! It will bring with it a whole new chapter in our lives, and I cant wait to see how it all plays out.

You cant give up when the going gets tough, you just cant.
It’s not an option.
Instead of giving up, LOOK UP.
Move your life upward.
If you’ve hit a brick wall then the most logical escape is to elevate yourself over it. Not keep bashing your head into it, just sayin!
Take your life and your dreams to the next level. Don’t always try to fix what’s in front of you, look beyond it, look above it, raise the stakes on yourself and push the boundaries.
Be willing to take a risk, to get the goodies.

Moving is a big deal for the kids and me, but I’d reached a dead-end here. It was time to broaden my horizons and look beyond the immediate. I had to be open to possibilities that I couldn’t immediately see and know that the right option would come to me.

Think beyond the box your in.
Carry it as a handbag instead!

Don’t think that if what your trying has failed that you are a failure. Instead try it from another angle, a new set of eyes, or try what you know you should of done in the first place but you allowed fear to kibosh.

Only you limit you.

“You miss 100% of the shots you never take” –Wayne Gretsky 
“Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor” –Truman Capote


Sarah Centrella is the author of the book Hustle Believe Receive which teaches you how to apply the #HBRMethod to change your life and live your dream.

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I Came to Win. To Shine.

Time to get what I want from this life.
Time to reflect, to redirect intention, replenish ambition create drive.
Time to reinvent.
Time to push on through, past the pain to the results.
Time to hustle, time to grind.
Time to shine.

If what you see outside your window is not a view you like,
Change it.
If the reflection in the mirror is not one that draws a
smile of self-pride,
Change it.
What holds you down?
Knocks the wind out of you?
Drains your power, towers above you?
Change it.
If the thoughts in your head haunt you, discourage and cage
Change them.
If what surrounds you drowns you,
Change it.
This life is my
This life is my
The results are the aftermath of my decisions.
Traded in my broke life, for a life in progress.
Traded in my old attitude for a new mind-set.
Traded the aftermath for RESULTS.
Traded disappointment for gratitude.
I Decided to shine.


Nikki Minaj ft. Rihanna “Fly” click video to listen, killer song!

Sarah Centrella is the author of the book Hustle Believe Receive which teaches you how to apply the #HBRMethod to change your life and live your dream.

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Washinton DC: Law of Attraction Manifestation

Kanen and I at the Washington Monument

Let me paint a picture and a time line for you to help lead
by example, that IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING.
If you follow my blog then you know that I have been through a lot of trials the past 6 or so months. What I refused to do however is give-up. I believe so strongly in the positive power of the Law of Attraction and have seen it transform my life the past 3 years that even though it seemed like so many bad things were coming my way, I refused to stop believing. It just made me want to prove my theory to myself and show anyone who is interested that this really can change your life and take you where you want to go.
My examples are unique to MY dreams, MY goals and MY visions, but they are generic at the same time. The principle and the way I break it down can work for ANY goal, ANY dream, and ANY one.

By the way, I’m now constructing a new board called my Reality Board. It looks just like my Vision Board except it will be filled with the picture that once was on my Vision Board next to the pictures of me LIVING out those moments in REALITY, I’m sure I can fill up a board already!
So as you read in my last post, I took my son to WashingtonDC and Baltimore this weekend. It’s a trip we have planned since last summer, and one I had envisioned so vividly in my mind that when it all
unfolded this weekend it felt like deshavu. I swear to god it felt like I had already been and done everything. Because I was laid-off recently from my corporate job, I knew I was making the trip on a much smaller budget then I had intended, but I wasn’t worried. I knew it was gonna be perfectly no matter what and just knew that the magic of the Law of Attraction would bring my vision to
By now I’m hyper aware, and notice and EXPECT the magic. But when it comes I’m still always amazed, blown away, and utterly grateful. I NEVER take it for granted. This weekend though, was beyond words. It was every single detail I dreamed it would be and far beyond.
Picture of The White House on my Vision Board

I wanna break down some details for you, so that you can see how the Law of Attraction literally attracts your dreams into your life, with very little effort on your part. That is the magic of it. You dream it, and a
ton of seemly random things collide to, Whala! Deliver your dream.

Magic Unfolded as Follows:
When we got to DC Kanen and I were so elated to finally be there! We walked to dinner in the rain without umbrellas, we chatted and planned our weekend over Italian. We woke up early on Saturday morning to peek out our window and see pouring rain. But who cared? We were in Washington DC!!
The White House was our first stop, and we literally skipped down the quiet streets toward it like it was a Wonka Factory.  We FREAKED out when we saw it! Reminding ourselves of all the times we looked at the picture on my wall and talked about being there. We wondered if the Obama girls were eating breakfast inside, and what they would dress up as for Halloween.
Then we walked through the rain, happy as wet, freezing little clams to the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial (Kanen’s #1 stop in DC the place he wanted to see the most!). Everywhere we went people where insanely nice to us. Offering Kanen extra little things almost everywhere, it was like no one had seen a mother son travel before! Was nuts. But we smiled and were so ridiculously happy that people probably thought there was something seriously wrong with us and took pity.
kanen rossi at the white house
Kanen at The White House

At Starbucks we got drinks 2 sizes larger then we ordered. At dinner we got free appetizers. It seemed like everywhere we went the universe was giving us little rewards, little treats. We noticed them all!

We walked to Georgetown, and fell in love with it! We
pointed out every old building and all the amazing sites. We found the perfect book, a coffee table book called “BELIEVE” filled with amazing quotes on believing, of course I HAD to have it.
We came, we saw, we CONQUERED.  Check. Total Pinch me Moment!Click Here to see more pictures from our trip.

Click Here to watch videos of our trip



Sarah Centrella is the author of the book Hustle Believe Receive which teaches you how to apply the #HBRMethod to change your life and live your dream.

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Pinch Me Moment

This is my definition of a Pinch Me Moment:

The moment when your dream/goal/vision is realized. The moment that you have both visualized, thought about, told yourself it will come true, and played the “movie” of how this moment will play out in your head a million times.

You must know exactly what experiences you want and are expecting, using a Vision Board to show a physical picture to remind you of that experience is key. So when this moment comes you instantly recognize it as your manifestation of your dream.

Gratitude, joy and happiness in recognizing your dream is critical. The more you feel and express these emotions the more opportunities will come into your life to feel this way. Always be grateful.



Hustle.Believe.Receive. Single Mom Life Sports Vision Boards

Baltimore Ravens… Manifest That!

Words cant possibly do justice to what just happened.

Law of Attraction Manifestation Example: Vision/Dream:
To go see the NFL Baltimore Ravens play a home game, and somehow, some way be
able to:

Sideline passes to the Ravens game

A. Meet Michael Oher (which was Kanen’s personal dream)

B. Go on the
field. I had no idea how I would pull any of this off.
Notice I DREAMED BIG, BIGGER THEN BIG. I figured, if I’m
going to fly clear across the country to see this game, I want it ALL. I want
the once in a life time experience. Not just sit up in the nose bleeds with a
bunch of drunks. NOPE! Every time I envisioned this dream, it was ALL OUT! I’m
not exactly sure where my unwavering faith came from here, but it was always
there, I just KNEW it would be all the above and more!
Now on to the BIIIIGGGG dream!
So this spring through my Life Coaching practice I met a
former Baltimore Ravens player, who became a close friend and who had arranged
for our tickets. I had no idea what kind of tickets they would be. But I know my friend, and I trusted he would make sure Kanen and I had a
great time. I hadn’t asked any of my connections for side-line passes to the game.
Because I work with many professional athletes I try not to ever ask for anything
from them, but at the same time, I knew what my dream was.
Ravens coach Todd Washington
Todd Washington Ravens Ast O-line coach
Randomly” (I say it sarcastically because there is no
“random” it’s all the Law of Attraction at work) my close girlfriend had recently met one of the coaches Todd Washington, and mentioned that I was flying across the country for the game….. and yep! He offered to try to get us SIDELINE PASSES. Turns out he also coaches Kanen’s dream “meet and greet” Michael Oher.  It sounded too good to be true!!! (as if!) It was what I was EXPECTING and WAITING to see HOW it would pan out. I knew I
couldn’t force or make it happen, I knew it would come to ME somehow and some way. He let us know that he was requesting the passes and that nothing was a sure
thing until game day.
Micheal Oher Ravens
Us with Michael Oher #74

On game day October 30th we walked to the stadium to get our tickets at will call and got the word we were all set for the VIP experience! Our seats were in the 1st level and run about $400 each retail!
When we arrived at the press entrance we got our credentials and were treated like royalty. We were however, informed that we were not allowed to talk to the players or ask them to sign anything, but if they came and talked to us we were all good.

I have a good friend from Oregon who plays on the team and I knew he’d come say hi to Kanen, so we smuggled our pictures and in pen
It’s hard to describe what it’s like to walk under the stadium, past the locker rooms, past all the security guards, following your
personal VIP escort (click to watch video)out the same tunnel the team runs through to take the
field…it really is one of those moments in life that take you back to being a 5 year old on Christmas. Like holly crap! I can’t believe I’m here! The ULTIMATE Pinch Me Moment.
Ed Dickson Ravens
Kanen with TE Ed Dickson #84


Kanen and I just looked at each other when we walk on the

field, like HOLLY CRAP! OMGGGG!!!! Coach Todd comes over to
say hi and sign our tickets, take a picture. He’s heard of Kanen’s dream to meet Michael Oher, and we watch him walk across the field where Oher is quietly warming up with headphones on, alone. They both look at us and we wave, he walks back and tells Kanen, Oher will come by and sign his picture! I look at Kanen who promptly freaks out! Then my friend Ed Dickson comes out and sign Kanen’s pictures, takes one with us. The other field pass people in our small group are all like who the hell are they? (meaning
us) What’s their deal?  They take pictures of US with the players and coaches, since they have been forbidden to approach the players themselves.
Then Ed runs across the field to Michael and asks him to come meet Kanen too, which was pretty great.  The players and coaches and cheerleaders all bring lute for Kanen and came to take pictures with him.
And then….. We watch Michael finish his stretches and walk across the field towards us. He gets mobbed by the others who’ve been waiting to see and talk to a player, but he walks straight through them up to Kanen. Says “so you’re the kid I just have to meet! Nice to meet you! What can I sigh?” I’m not sure Kanen spoke at all. I made sure to thank him and snapped a picture. Kanen was speechless.

Then of course we watched the game in our amazing seats and
they won with 3 seconds left by a field goal! It was the most amazing dream come true. Words will never do it justice. (BTW I spent $17 for this entire day…Soda and chicken strips)

Dream the dream you don’t think you have a RIGHT to dream. Dream THAT dream.
  • Dream it. Then LIVE it. 
  • Don’t make excuses why you cant or shouldn’t dream it.
  • Don’t EVER use your current financial situation to set limits on your dreams. Hustle.Believe.Receive. will deliver your dream if you believe, it doesn’t care about money.
Today was the last day of our trip, and Kanen and I walked around Baltimore loving every minute. As a last HBR gift, I ordered a taxi for the airport and the front desk manager who had we had talked
to and told about our trip, instead got us a lemo. He said it was his gift and we should be sent out in style. Now that’s MAGIC people!
 This trip was AMAZING. I spent about $200 including souvenirs, food, trains, air fair and hotels. The rest just showed up.
I’m NOT unique.
I DON’T live a charmed financially secure life.
I’m just like most of my readers, I’m a struggling single mom.
Joe Flacco
QB Joe Flacco warming up in front of us

But I’ve learned how to believe in magic, and how to bring it into my life. All of the things I’ve been through have led me to this place. Perhaps the only difference is that I, unlike many people jump at every opportunity
that comes my way, and when I don’t see one I CREATE ONE. I make it happen, and so can you.

I focused on the EXPERIENCES and NOT the things, and I got EVERY SINGLE EXPERIENCE I DESIRED.  Money was never part of the equation.
You don’t need to be rich to live the life of your dreams. You just HAVE TO DREAM IT.
I’m unemployed at the moment for godsake!
It’s possible for ANYONE to live their dreams.  You just HAVE TO BELIEVE WITH UNWAVERING FAITH, and have a very clearly defined dream.
Our seats where amazing! 100 level
You must also be patient. This dream sat on my board for
over a year. Some even longer, but they WILL COME TRUE. We don’t control thetimeline, we control the DREAM. We also control our own awareness to jump at opportunities when they show up, like me booking the flights the one and ONLY day I saw 2 tickets for the exact amount of miles I had. If I had waited, or doubted that the rest of it would come together then NONE of it would have. I was given a window of opportunity that was tiny… (Literally when I booked it online it would not let me finish the reservation because one seat was already gone, I had to call and for an hour work with the agent to find me another) but
I just took that risk. I went on a leap of faith that if I booked the flights while they were free and in front of me that somehow some way the rest of it would fall into place. I was scared, trust me! That’s a huge trip to book in my world, to go across the country on a small budget with a child, I knew it was a risky thing to do. But I believed.
Seize the moment, be utterly grateful for the blessings in your life so more can come your way.
Sarah Centrella and son at Raven's game
He will thank me later!
Kanen with coach Jason Brooks

Click Here to see  more photos from our trip

Click Here to watch videos of our trip


Sarah Centrella is the author of the book Hustle Believe Receive which teaches you how to apply the #HBRMethod to change your life and live your dream.

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