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How I Manifested Disneyland!!

welcome to Disneyland
believe in magic

How I manifested Disneyland using the #HBRMethod.

I got an email from a reader the other day asking me an interesting question about Hustle.Believe.Receive.  She said she’d had a picture of a concert that she wanted to attend on her Future Board, and she was so excited to learn the artist was coming to her town, so she went and got her ticket.  She was sure this was her manifestation.  However the artist unexpectedly canceled the show, so she wondered if this meant that HBR doesn’t really work. All I could tell her is my own example of this exact scenario.

The “when” and the “how” are not up to us. But the hustle and the believe is.

In 2010 I had plans to take Kanen to Disneyland.  We had been planning the trip for some time and I’d even pre-paid the hotel. When I finally had enough miles for the trip and went to book it the airline was completely blacked out.  We were obviously very disappointed, but I told him that just because the trip wasn’t working out that time, that it WOULD happen, and not to give up faith.  That year I used miles to get him and I tickets to Hawaii instead and we had the most amazing trip together.

Fast forward to this year.  I’ve spent the last year at my job working
hard, and fighting back from a very tough economic 2011, last year was a
“get back on my feet year” for sure.

Manifest Disneyland #HBRMethod
Top, picture of Disneyland on my vision board, & my tix

But I still never gave up hope that I’d be able to take him, and just maybe be able to take all my kids on that Disney vacation.  Well last year, at work I finished well over my goals and targets, and as my bonus was granted funds towards a vacation!! I also had enough miles saved up, that with some creative scheduling was able to get four tickets to Disneyland!

So this week, a dream that started in 2005 when I put the very first picture of Disneyland on my very first vision board is about to come true… there really are no words to describe how that feels.

The key to HBR is that you need to trust that it has your best interests in mind, always.  Even when you can’t see it.  That’s where faith comes in.  You have to believe even when you’re disappointed, that it is still working on your behalf.  Because behind the scenes it’s hard at work to make your ultimate dream come true.  It is always working, to bring you a dream bigger than what you are even imagined. But it takes time. It works on it’s own schedule.  So lean into it.  Don’t fight or doubt it, just because it’s not instant and because you encounter disappointments.  It’s still hard at work as long as you are.  Taking all my kids to Disneyland was a far bigger dream then I initially had.  I really never thought I’d be in a position to afford to take them all.

The Hustle is such a vital part of manifesting your dream. Had I not worked hard all of last year, and made my numbers at work, I would have never gotten the funds or be making the money needed to take the trip. I’ve worked hard this last year and sacrificed a lot, but it’s paid off.

Sarah Centrella manifesting Louis Voutton #HBRMethod
A 10 year dream come true

Now it’s time to receive.

This past weekend I had a day that I’d dreamed about for years.  Since 2003, long before I knew about  HBR or any of that stuff, I had a picture of a Louis Vuitton wallet on my wall at work.  I’ve always said if I ever made a commission check of “x” amount that I’d walk into a Louis Vuitton store and purchase that wallet.  Well ten years later, I did just that.  And went on my first ever “shopping spree”.  I’ve never experienced a day like that in my life.  However I have patiently waited for it, knowing that some how, some way, it would come.  And I can tell you  it was well worth the wait.

I don’t say any of this to sound pretentious or to brag. I say it ONLY to inspire you.  If you’ve read my blog for a while you KNOW what I mean. You know where I’ve come up from, you understand what I’m saying.

I want you to be inspired.

Four years ago I was jobless, living on food stamps.  Two years ago I was homeless for three weeks, jobless and living in a Red Cross hotel.  Your dreams are possible.  The life you want is possible.  It’s just waiting for you to claim it. To own it. To make it yours.  Put in the work, set your mind on your goal and LET NOTHING STAND IN YOUR WAY. Let nothing take away your faith.  Let nothing defeat you.  If you do that, then believe me when I say ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

single mom manifesting
My first ever “shopping spree”


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Sarah Centrella is the author of the book Hustle Believe Receive which teaches you how to apply the #HBRMethod to change your life and live your dream.

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Hustle Believe Receive: Steps to Success.

Believe #HBRMethod

Here is my basic Coaching formula and definition of the term I’ll use over and over again: Hustle.Believe.Receive. (also refereed to as HBR) #HBRMethod


The Urban Guide to Recreating Your Life, and Manifesting Your Dream.

Step #1. Create a Life Plan.

Create a Life Plan. Map out what you want your life to look like five years down the road, in every category. Be detailed and specific. Write it all down. You are the architect of your future. Make a plan.

1. Define Your Ultimate Dream.
Know what you want. Sometimes it’s easier when you’re starting out to know what you DON’T want and that’s OK too. But you need to be clear on the reason you want to make a change in your life or go after your dream. You won’t get anywhere until this step is clearly defined. Make a bucket list.

2. Create a Movie in your Head.
Take the time to visualize each end result in your Life Plan. Put yourself in a specific day in that life and make a movie that covers all the details; see it, smell it, feel it, want it.

3. Create a physical Future Board.
This is the physical representation of your Life Plan. It sits at your desk at work, or is hung on your bedroom wall, reminding you what you are working for, what your future life will look like. It helps you remove the barriers of your current reality and start to visualize yourself living a whole different kind of life.


Step #2. But HOW?
10 Simple Key’s to Success.

1. Be Grateful!  On day one of this journey, you need to look around your life (even if it’s one you currently hate) and say “I am so blessed and so thankful for what I have…” and name three things. That is the new head space you operate in now. Instead of someone who bitches about what they don’t like and what they don’t have you’re the person who is “blessed” and “grateful” even if you don’t actually feel that way. But if you don’t at least fake it, you won’t ever see the true results that will make you actually feel it.

2. Change the Voices in Your Head.  Control your thoughts. Your thoughts predict your future. Want to create a better future? It starts in your mind first, control that and the words you speak, and you will start to change your future outcomes. Only speak it if you want it to come true. That applies to EVERYTHING you say. Teach that to your kids! And everyone you know. What you say today you will live out tomorrow.

3. BELIEVE.  If you don’t fully believe in your Ultimate Dream, or that this plan for success will work, then how could it possibly ever work? Change your core beliefs; about what you think is possible for you, and start to have faith in the possibility of possibility. Once you truly believe you will start to see amazing and fast results. That belief that hope, gives you joy which changes your energy and brings you more joy. This is called an Upward Spiral. We all want that!

4. Fake it ‘Till You Make it.  You don’t have to know it, or believe it, or even see it; in the very beginning… that all comes over time. So to get you there, you gotta fake it. Tell yourself a million little lies. Whenever you think you can’t, say you CAN. Whoever you think it will never happen, tell yourself and SAY it’s around the corner. It’s pretty basic but it works with almost anything. It makes you step up your game. It keeps you on your toes, it makes you learn and adapt quicker, and it forces you to take risks, all these things you will need throughout your journey, and you’ll constantly come back to this principle.

5. Speak It!  Affirm your future, own it, claim it. Use motto’s and mantras to claim what is coming into your life. Talk about it as if you know that’s your next step, make plans for it. Put it out into the Universe that this is your plan, this is what’s coming to you and pretty soon the people around you will start to believe you. That will hold you accountable to your dream and those plans, so then you use The Hustle even more.

6. The Hustle.  This is the work you do on a daily basis that get’s you closer to your Ultimate Dream. It’s action. For an athlete it’s; working out, eating right, not going out drinking every night, it’s keeping their mind right, it’s getting enough sleep, it’s practice…practice…practice! What is your hustle? This step is the absolute key to success. It can be tiny little things, or that huge leap of faith, but without it you will not be successful.

7. Surviving Earth Quake Moments.  Everything happens for a reason (no really). Every set back and disappointment is all part of the plan to manifest your ultimate dream. This is why they say “be careful what you wish for” because sometimes “bad” things need to happen to make room for the next phase of your dream to come true. You won’t understand it while you’re going through it, but you will always see the connection after, and knowing this gives you peace in those tough times. Setbacks and obstacles are part of the game, accept them as a challenging next step.

8 . Chill Out.  You don’t control when your dream will manifest. You have no say over the timing or how it will all materialize, so chill out! Stop expecting it yesterday and getting frustrated and pissed that it’s not already here. This is a life long journey, it’s a way of life, and it’s for the rest of your life. If you follow this formula you WILL manifest your Ultimate Dream. You will live it, and along the way it will begin falling into place piece by piece. Trust the process and relax.

9. Relentless Pursuit.  Be fully committed to achieving your desired outcome and manifesting your dream. There can’t be a plan B. You have to want this more than anything else, and be willing to sacrifice for it and regardless of the obstacles in your way, be determined to never give up.

10. Manifest That!  This is you living in awareness and gratitude so that you can recognize the manifestation when it comes. Most of the time it will show up in a form and from a direction you least expected and if you’re not aware and grateful for your current situation you will miss it. It also shows up in the form of opportunity, again if you’re not hyper aware and expecting your manifestation you will miss it. Manifesting is the “magic” that comes when preparation meets opportunity.



A Letter to My Future Husband.

A Letter to My Future Husband #HustleBelieveReceive

A letter to my future husband.

Because I believe in the power of intention, and the power of knowing exactly what you want, I’ve decided to, on faith, write this letter… knowing that when the time is right (even if I’m 90!) this is what will manifest in my life, and this is what I’ll say to him when it does.

My Love,

These are just a few things that makes me know, you were created for me, and I for you.  I am grateful every day that God has brought you into my life and I promise to never forget how lucky we are to have found each other. 

I love the spark in your eyes.  The immediate and undeniable connection. I love the kindness that radiates from them. I love that your soul is not only generous, but truly selfless. To you my babies are the best part of me.  They are not “what came with me” they are me.  The package of us, completes you.  The package of us, is what you’ve been searching for, it’s what your life was lacking.

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World Champion Ravens: A Law of Attraction Lesson.

World Champion Ravens #HustleBelieveReceive
World Champions!!!

So if you follow me at all you probably know that I’m a HUGE Baltimore Raven’s football fan.  My son and I have been following them the past few years and have gotten to know the players and coaches, so at this point we are beyond fans… I think of them as family.  And unless you’re living under a rock, you might also know that tonight they won the Super Bowl, becoming the World Champions.

But the thing that I’ve been watching are all the stories behind the game.  Working with and knowing so many athletes has really shaped my view of what people call the Law of Attraction. (I call it Hustle Believe Receive) To me they are the real deal. The way they apply it is second nature to them, and is probably something they would never even think of as “The Law of Attraction”. It’s just in their blood. This is so evident when you hear their stories, especially on a big stage like the Super Bowl.

The Raven’s have gone though much adversity the past several years, and this year were an unlikely pick to win the big game. They had most of their top players on injury lists for the majority of the regular season, and it just seemed like one thing after another was not going their way.  They are a team that seems to have more than it’s share of “haters”, and no one thought they were capable of what they pulled off tonight.  No one but them, and their faithful fans.

They always believed.  They never lost faith.  They never stopped working, day and night to get to their goal.  They didn’t set out at the beginning of the season to win some football games.  They set out to win the Super Bowl.  All season they had one goal.  That was it. It seemed unreachable, and maybe even ridiculous but that was what they worked toward, even through all the heartbreaking disappointments.

torrey smith Ravens
His comment at the bottom is amazing.

I saw this post tonight after the game on Instagram from Raven’s wide receiver Torrey Smith. The quote is pretty awesome, but when I read his comment below the picture, the one that said he wrote that two days ago… that’s when I got chills.  That is the HBR right there.  That’s the perfect example of how I use and apply it, and how I’ve learned the secrets of it’s success by observing the mind of athletes. It’s amazing.  And the best part is it’s not reserved just for them.  That formula is one I’ve directly adapted into my life and achieved amazing result from.

It’s simple.
1. Believe with unwavering faith.
2. Every single day hustle (work) hard in every single area of your life that is within your control to get you closer to your dream. (example: they practice, workout even when they don’t “have to”, they eat right, they do everything in their power to make sure that they are ready when the time comes).
3. Envision and expect your outcome in a way that is second nature, as natural as breathing.
4. ACT.  When the time comes, and the opportunity is there you MUST act.  It might look like a giant risk or a leap of faith, but you cant score a touch down from the sidelines. You have to get on the field and be in the game.
5. Receive.  When coach gives you that chance to get on the filed, now it’s time to receive your reward (manifestation).  You have to rely on your unconditional faith, and call on your vision of the outcome you’ve been expecting. That’s why it needs to be as natural as breathing, because it’s what gets you over the fear.. it’s what brings you success.

And that’s the formula for success. It’s not complicated.

colin kaepernick

I also loved this story and quote from San Fransisco 49er’s quarterback Colin Kaepernick, about the note he wrote in 4th grade that predicted he’d play football for the 49ers. It gave me chills.  And as my son Kanen and I watched that story today prior to kickoff I made sure to point out how this is yet another amazing example of how HBR can and does predict our futures.

Here’s to using what we know to make our lives and the lives of those around us better.  Apply it and pass it on… change a life.

GOOOO RAVENS!!! Click here to read more about their amazing story.


Congrats Torrey and all the Ravens…. NEVER GIVE UP.


Sarah Centrella is the author of the book Hustle Believe Receive which teaches you how to apply the #HBRMethod to change your life and live your dream.

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