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Pinch Me!

pinch me
Pinch Me!

I’m feeling pretty incredibly blessed at this moment in time. Sometimes it’s so hard to believe that when potentially devastating or negative things come our way, that anything good could possibly come from it. But at this point in my life I can honestly say, I do believe that everything happens for a reason. That it does all work out for good in the end.

That’s so damn reassuring! To actually BELIEVE that. Like really, I don’t question it. I cant tell you how much stress that took off my over-taxed brain. The stress of always trying to have the answer. Always have the solution or the plan, trying to predict the end result, all that crap. Gone.

I’m not saying I don’t plan, come on now I’m a single mom of three! My life is pretty planned out. I’m also not saying I don’t have goals and a clear vision of where I am going and where I want to be. In fact, I probably have that more obsessively mapped out then most. But I’m saying that I no longer STRESS about any of it. I don’t, I swear! I have total and complete faith that it will all come in due time. I have no clue how, I just KNOW it will. I know the road will be unpredictable, so why stress continuously about it? Just let go, believe, and get on with enjoying your life!

I’m so grateful at this moment. I’m in a place that I really never thought I’d be. It’s a Pinch Me Moment. The kind we are taught as children to NOT enjoy because it will jinks it, as if we are not worthy to enjoy happiness. Screw that!! Happiness is fleeting moments in time, and I’m on a mission to capture and celebrate and uplift every last one that comes my way! I kinda feel like a little kid in a candy store. I pray I never loose that. I’ve been in the dark place, ain’t no way I’m going back there!

Today was a great day. I took my son to school, totally stress free in essentially my jamies with some piping hot coffee in hand. No mad dash out the door. No half hour trying to find something to ware. Just easy convo with my 8 year old.

Then lots of kisses for my girls as they showed me their freshly completed art projects with beaming smiles. Lunch listening to their bubbling laughter and silly chatter about farts and princesses. Kisses for nap, hugs after. Conference calls and meetings, then a run with my son. Just him and I.

Now that’s a day!! The kind I’ve been waiting for 🙂

But anyone who knows me would agree that…..I gotta put my heels on and go kick some ass in the city too! So that’s why I feel so lucky! I’m off to Chicago, MN and NYC next week. London, LA, San Francisco, NYC, Houston and DC next month.

This is only possible because I have the worlds BEST nanny/GF/”wish I had a husband like that”/right hand. She’s been part of our family since the girls can remember and supports me when I travel and backs me up when I’m here. Did I mention I feel really blessed?

Now….if only I could date a plastic surgeon for 3 or so months then shit would really be great! 🙂 In time…all in due time.

~Written by Sarah Centrella

My Stories

…Drum Role Please…..!!

I’m so excited! I can’t lie. Everything happens for a reason, and if anyone doubts this then this story is for you!
As I mentioned last week, there was some pretty big changes in the works, career wise for me. They were definitely a little scary as change always is, and being a single mom solely responsible for a family of 4 it is definitely compounded. But faith in knowing that the Universe has a bigger plan for me kept me focused.
I’m so excited to announce that as of Monday I will be the Director of Business Development for a recruiting and thought leadership group based out of NYC. As most of you know I have an obsessive love affair with New York, so what could be more perfect then frequent travel to my favorite place?
Now I’m going to stop here for a second, and say to all my readers who follow my posts on The Law of Attraction, that this is for you…..
I get letters and comments all the time from people who what a SPECIFIC thing to come true for them, and then they give up or get frustrated when it doesn’t manifest. They focus so heavily on that one specific thing, that they lose sight of the Big Picture. They think that by “wishing, and pretending like its theirs” that this will make their dreams come true.
Sitting back waiting and hoping for what you want to fall in your lap is NOT how The Law of Attraction works! It works with the Big Picture, and that’s where faith comes in. You need to just KNOW that everything will work out the way that it’s supposed to.
But that doesn’t mean you sit around and wait. It means you are proactive and you set goals and you don’t let obstacles (big or small)  get in your way. You hustle, as I like to call it. And lord knows I’m a hustler!!
I’d mapped out my “dream job” a few months ago actually. It would be one where I would travel, speak at events, become an industry leader, interact with my clients, build off the name I’d made for myself. It was a pretty far-fetched idea, when I pitched it to my board of directors and not the right fit for the organization at the time. It was out-of-the-box for sure. But I KNEW that’s what I was great at and what I’d love to do.
So I called the owner of the group I’m joining and pitched it to him. He LOVED it! Said the timing was perfect (I KNEW it would be, I KNEW there was no way, if I pitched it right that he could not LOVE it). The next day I got the offer!
I will be traveling to the 8 major US cities, (including NYC!) speaking and hosting events, becoming an industry leader (one of the few women in my field)  and interfacing with my clients. It is latterly the position I dreamed up 6 months ago, to the T (but with a nice raise!). As an added bonus I get to work from home so I can be near my babies much more then before. And though my travel will be more frequent, I think being able to be apart of their day will offset the extra travel.
So as I was saying….you MUST believe in the Bigger Picture. I had loved my job, so if all I had focused on was my immediate future with that company I would have instantly lost faith when it wasn’t working out anymore. But instead I remained focused on my larger goals and plan, which is moving my career forward in a very specialized way….and low and behold that’s what come to me!
It works, I’m telling you. I’m living proof 🙂
Written by: Sarah Centrella
Dating Relationships

Sarah’s Thoughts: Relationship Advise, Long Distance

Reader Question Summary:
She met her boyfriend while they both were interning in the US from Brazil and Indonesia, now they are separated and don’t plan to be together for another year. She is uncomfortable because he is back home in Brazil near his ex-girlfriend and their baby, while she is in Indonesia. She wants to know how to apply the LOA to keep her from being jealous and focusing on the negative.  
Female, 24 Indonesia 

Thank you for your letter. Your situation is a difficult one for sure. It kinda comes down to trust doesn’t it? You need to believe that his love for you is strong enough to withstand the temptation of him wanting to be with anyone else including her.

The biggest thing about the Law of Attraction is that WHATEVER you focus on is what you get more of. So knowing this, it’s pretty important to think about the right things and to focus on what you want not what you don’t.

Sounds simple but it’s the hardest thing about this for sure. If you are worrying about him going back to her, or him breaking your heart, or him deciding to not come be with you next year, that that’s what will happen. It’s called a self-fulfilling prophesy. To avoid that, you need to focus ALL your thoughts and intentions on the good things. Think of the time you spent together and how great it was, think of what it will be like when you are together again. Let those thoughts make you happy.

Thoughts have so much power. Weather you believe in the Law of Attraction or not it’s just a fact of life that they have the power to change your mood, and your mood determines your actions. So if you want to be with him and be happy, then portray that. Live that. Let that be what gets you up in the morning and keeps you going.

Distance is hard, but it can definitely be done. It requires total and unwavering trust in your partner. I actually had a long-distance relationship with my ex-husband the 2 years leading up to our wedding. It was really hard, but you just have to trust him, don’t question it until you have actual reason or evidence to. Because once you begin to question it, it is self-destructive.

So my advise would be that if you really love him and he really loves you, then just know that. Remind yourself of it every single time you start to doubt it or feel insecure. Have a quick mantra ready to repeat in your head 10 times that is something like “I’m so lucky to have a great relationship and we will be together soon!” something that focuses on how happy you are together and that you can get through the distance.

You can do it! Remember you control your thoughts, your thoughts don’t control you. So think happy ones and happiness will follow 🙂

Good luck 🙂

*Please leave your thoughts…this is an interactive blog. (note: readers have complained that their posts don’t always show, so to be safe copy it before posting, if you don’t see it right away paste it in again). Thank you!! 🙂


written in Sarah Centrella


Sarah’s Thoughts: Relationship Advise, The In-Laws!

Reader Question Summary:
She is married, and at one point had a great relationship with her mother and sister-in-law. However for whatever reason they have determined that they no longer support the marriage and even wanted him to leave her. She reached out to them and tried to mend the fences but got no reply, instead they began to rebuild the relationship with her husband behind her back. When she found out she is obviously hurt. She wants to know how she can “attract” them to her, and how to fix this situation.
~Female 30, England UK

Thank you for your letter and your story. I can really relate to your situation. When I was married I was actually in the same position with my in-laws. I had been with my ex-husband since high school and was
always good to him and his family, but one day for whatever reason they all turned on me.

It’s a very hard place to be in and I sympathize with your situation. My only advise would be, “kill them with kindness”. Just make the conscious decision in your mind that there is NOTHING that they or your husband can do to make you hate them back. That regardless of what they throw your way you will take it with grace and return their despicable behavior with kind indifference. What I mean by that is, I wouldn’t go out of your way for them. I would try to act as though it doesn’t bother you anymore like you have moved on and come to peace with it.

You did the right thing by reaching out to them, your letter was perfect. The ball is in their court now, you can sleep at night knowing you are the bigger person. You acted maturely and gracefully, now it’s up to them. And if they don’t come around, which they may not right away, or it may take a long time for them to, that’s OK because it’s no longer up to you.

The only way to “attract them to you” is through love. I understand how much it must hurt that your husband went behind your back to restart his relationship with them, but try to see it from his perspective. He didn’t want to hurt you. He knows that the two parties don’t get a long and that it would probably bring more pain to you, so he likely felt it would be better to go behind you back. I’m not saying this is right, I’m just saying he is in a very difficult position.

The only thing you can do, is fully support his relationship with them, encourage it. Make sure he doesn’t feel guilty about it. You cant change them, but you can remove the negative energy from your half of the equation. Even if you don’t think you feel negative about it, it’s coming across that way. He feels like he is forced to choose sides, so he took what he probably thought was the easy way out, having a relationship with both of you but hiding it.

So just take that stress away. Bite the bullet. Turn your disappointment and pain around to feeding their new relationship positively. Believe me his mom and sister will watch this. If they see that you TRULY and GENUINELY are encouraging that relationship without reservation, they will eventually come around. You will draw them to you. It just might take a long time.

People react to other peoples INTENTIONS not their words or even actions. People can sense and read the intentions of others. So if you genuinely forgive all of them for going behind your back, and support their reconnection with love, they will begin to see it. They will see that you are being the better person.

Have faith. Anything is possible, if you really believe it and start to live it 🙂

Best of luck to you all !


Written by: Sarah Centrella

My Stories

Can I Take My Own Advise???

So this last week I was tested, I’m not gonna lie. I was tested big time!
On Thursday I was called into my boss’s office and made aware that my position (Director for a software company) would be eliminated by the end of month, due to them no longer supporting my division.
Let’s just recap here for a second. I’m a single mom of 3, I’ve loved my job though I’ve made some heavy sacrifices for it hoping they would pay off in the long run. Now I’m faced with my company moving in a new direction, which quite honestly I understand but that leaves me sans a position. They offered me another position, but it is just not at all the right fit for me.
I can’t lie, I was scared. Scared out of my mind. But thanks to all of you for your support and the courage that each of you has given me the last few weeks in renewing my belief in The Law of Attraction and the power of our thoughts, I took it with a smile.
I came home and remembered my own advice, and refused to allow my mind to go to that dark place of fear and doubt. I called my girlfriend who came immediately; to help reinforce what I already KNOW….Everything ALWAYS happens for a reason.  And like I’ve told many people, it’s all about what you believe in your core being, and thanks to my experience the past few years, now that belief IS me. I do believe that if one door closes that a better one is waiting, we just have to stay strong and believe.
This is the place where the weak give in. This is where most fail. I REFUSE to allow that to be me. There are always people in our lives that love to see us fail. This is one of those times when, if I have preached something then I have to practice it!! If people want me to fail, I hate to disappoint but it’s not gonna happen, at least not today!
The funny thing is that about 3 hours before I got the news I posted on my Facebook “Today a new chapter begins” I don’t know what prompted that post or what I was even thinking about when I did it, but it gave me courage. It was exactly what I needed to hear after I was told the news…that everything is still going to be OK, the new chapter can be as good or better than the old one, just have faith.
Just believe.

To be cont. soon!……

Motivation & Inspiration

A Readers Personal Success Story

This is a success story from one of my readers…I love these stories, keep them coming 🙂
LA, California ~Female
“I married a man much older than me, 25 years older than me, and despite all odds we had 10 wonderful years together. 
Then, he decided he was done having kids. I ALWAYS wanted to be a mom, that was no secret from the beginning and we talked about the possibility multiple times. But when I told him I really wanted kids he backed off. I also lost my job at the same time. So, about a year ago I was 30, unemployed, my marriage fell apart and I had no one, all my family is in Brazil. I was able to get a job selling tickets at a theme park, and rented a cheap apartment on a bad area. I thought many times about just going back to Brazil, after being here for 12 years, but that is the only thing that kept me going, I needed to prove to myself that he wasn’t the only reason why I moved across the world away from everyone who loved me.
For the first 3 months I didn’t think I was gonna make it. I cried all the time, I was in physical and emotional pain (I also managed to break my knee the week after I left his house) and so many nights I just wanted to give up.
Around that time I found the secret. I started reading it, and watched the movie and made a list of the things I wanted to accomplish. I took one day at a time, and slowly things starting falling into place. At the end of the year, I looked at my list again and I had accomplished 4 of my 5 things:
1-       Found a great job making $50,000 a year – I received a call from an application I had put in 6 months before and didn’t even remember. It was for a temporary position but it was with a Federal Agency, making about double what I made at the park. Even tough it was a temporary position, I accepted, I knew it would take me places. From there, a co-worker recommended to another company that contracts with the federal government. I went for an interview. On Dec 13 they told me I had the job. I love this job and I actually make more than I had wished for
2-       Moved to an area I loved to a great apartment I was able to move in with a friend to a great apartment. I love the area and I love the place.
3-       Be in a relationship with someone I was compatible with – My best friend of 12 years divorced his wife around the same time I left my husband. Last year we started dating and we couldn’t be happier
4-       Make new friends and try new things – Through my jobs last year I accumulated a great amount of great friends and still met more people at the gym and on trips. My federal job took me to El Centro where I try driving a bug in the sand, and New Mexico, where I went hiking in the Carlsbad caves and White Sand Monument and went on a ghost tour in Santa Fe. I got rock climbing classes for me and the boyfriend as Christmas presents and I also tried snowboarding.
Besides that I was able to go to Brazil and spend Christmas with my family, which I hadn’t done in 10 years. I also found a great acupuncture and chiropractor that have been working on my knee and back, I found a group where I was able to work on my binge eating disorder and I have tremendously decrease my anxiety.My boyfriend and I are moving in together next month. I feel like my life gets better everyday.
The 5th thing on my list was to lose weight, but I am working on it now and I know I will be able to accomplish that.
But at times, I still feel doubt, or fear, or sadness. And in those moments I look for inspirational stories. And no other story has touched me quite like yours. Like you, I feel like I’ve changed so much in the past year. 
Sometimes I mourn knowing that I will never be the person I used to be in some ways, but more than anything I am grateful because I know I am strong and happier that I ever thought I could be. Like you I feel empowered, I feel blessed, and I feel like I deserve and will have everything I want.
Thank you for sharing your story. I liked your page on Facebook so I can keep getting your updates and I will continue reading your blog. I will also create a vision board, which I never did.
Congratulations on your amazing accomplishments and I wish you so much more.
You shine, girl! ;-)”
Your Life Coach

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If you would like to email me I would love to hear from you!

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Your Life Coach

Sarah’s Thoughts: Get The Job You Want!

Summary of Readers Question:
Reader is a young black man living in the south and has had difficulty finding a job, based in large part he feels to open or subtle racism. How do I overcome this obstacle to get a job? How do I nail the interview? What should I do to prepare?
Male, Arkansas 

Thank you for your question, and I can certainly relate to some degree. Although clearly I am not a black man in the south I was a single-mom of one-year old twin babies and a 5 year old when I was last searching for work in a down economy. I remember thinking, no one will hire me! Hell I wouldn’t of hired me! A single mom with 3 very young kids, is a recipe for disaster! What happens when they are sick, or I needed to travel? I thought it would be something I might not be able to overcome.

But as a matter of survival I needed a job! And I needed a good one because daycare for 3 small kids is equal to many people’s entire salary. So I knew I just had to sell myself harder than anyone else. They needed to LOVE me and know that there is no one else on earth that will do the job with as much passion, determination and get results like me.

Step 1. Failure is not an option. You WILL get a job, period. Change your mind set to that and believe it. When you actually believe that it will happen that will relieve a ton of immediate pressure which will allow you to focus and stay calm throughout the interview process.

Step 2. Your Resume! Because the last 2 years I have spent in a hiring role, I know how critical a piece this is. It’s the thing that either gets you noticed or gets recycled. If you don’t already have one, Google many examples of resumes and go to work building a stellar one. It’s ok to use “fancy” language to spice up what your responsibilities are, but they do need to be based in fact and need to reflect what the actual terminology is for that specific field. Try to list out your responsibilities as best you can in one sentence for each one. Each job should have at least 5 of those bullet points. It should be clean, neat with all the basic required info. No more then 3-4 jobs listed, gaps in employment should be stated with a reason, it shouldn’t be more than 2 pages long, be sure to provide 3 references, (this will save a stall in the process when they are ready to check your references). Be sure to include your email, cell and Linkedin URL.

Step 3. LinkedIn Profile. If you don’t have one of these, set it up! This tool is used by employers to recruit and will be the first thing they do a search for when they have your name, (and of course they will Google you too, so be sure your online presence is ready). Make your profile as complete as possible and be sure to put your picture on it. It’s basically an online version of your resume, so employers will look to be sure all the info matches up.

Step 4. Get the interview! Be tenacious! When you have found the job you want, apply send your resume and follow up. There’s a fine line between being persistent and a stalker so tread somewhat carefully. But every job I’ve ever loved I was a little on the stalker side! I never gave up until they gave me the job! Get the contact information of hiring manager and send a short intro email (no more then 1-2 very short paragraphs), a few sentences expressing your interest in the position. Appropriate follow up is twice a week, one in email, one in voicemail.

Step 5. Nail the interview! When you drive into the parking lot, start envisioning this as your new job. It’s a month or a year from now, and this will be the place you park every day. When you walk into the building and wait at reception for your interview do the same thing. My trick is I have always envisioned myself walking into work, running a little late, traffic was bad, coffee in hand looking a hot mess. Just walking through the doors like that, like it was any day at work. Then I take it in and determine if I could do that there, if that is the right place for me. If it is I go in and make them love me! I am cool calm and collected but friendly and on my toes. I’ve spent the time visioning what it will be like on an ordinary day to have this job, and I want it!

  • Come prepared. Make sure you researched the company first, come with a note pad and a list of 4-5 questions. Always be prepared to ask questions!
  • Dress the part. It’s always better to be over dressed for an interview then under dressed, always.
  • Make Eye contact throughout the process.
  • Have a good strong hand shake.
  • Sit up straight. Sounds stupid, but believe me the employer is looking at every little mannerism. Give them reasons to only say good things when you leave.
  • Do research on who is going to interview you. Google them, look them up on LinkedIn.
  • Then follow up! Send a hand written note to the person who interviewed you. Do the twice a week follow up until they either give you the job or tell you that you were not selected. In your voice mail and email follow up’s be sure to show your enthusiasm for the position and for what you will bring to it.

5. Believe that the job is yours. Continue to vision yourself working there. Don’t doubt yourself or that belief. Just go full speed ahead as if it’s yours already.

You will get the job that is right for you. And though race does likely play a role in your search, don’t let it! Be the man they want to hire. Make them love you, be clear about what you bring to the table. And don’t let ANYTHING stop you from achieving your dreams. Good Luck!

~Written by Sarah Centrella for Thoughts.Stories.Life.

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