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May grace wash over you my child.
May it cleanse your mind of fear.
May it replace the evil with only good.
May grace repair the pieces of your broken heart.
May it teach you to be strong, vibrant and trusting; notwithstanding.
May it fill your heart with love and forgiveness for all of this
May grace wash over you my child, and help you to forget.




Sarah Centrella is the author of the book Hustle Believe Receive which teaches you how to apply the #HBRMethod to change your life and live your dream.

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Can Law of Attraction Help Me Lose Weight?


law of attraction weight loss

I have readers write to me all the time asking me if the Law of Attraction can help them lose weight. They might have watched The Secret Movie, or Googled the term Law of Attraction and the idea that you can use your thoughts to lose weight, without diet and exercise, is for obvious reasons very exciting for them.

I can relate. I have struggled with my weight since I was 12 years old. And by “struggled”, I mean it was all-consuming. It’s what I thought about when I woke up, what I spent my time dwelling on throughout the day, and what I tore myself down for at the end-of-the-day. I became one of those people who talked about it constantly. In conversations with my girlfriends, or ex-husband, or anyone who would listen. I’d say how “gross and disgusting I felt and was”. I’d talk about how “fat” I was, and refuse to by close because I didn’t want to have to go up a size. I always had this thought that when people looked at me they saw someone obese, and therefore if I acknowledged how awful I was I could preëmpt their judgment. I thought that if I made jokes about my weight than I’d make people feel more comfortable around me, at least they wouldn’t think I didn’t notice I had a problem.

And of course the irony of all of this is that most of my life I was a fit size 8-12. I’d always worked out but never really been able to lose weight  if I tried; as a result I told myself that “nothing I try will ever work. I can’t lose weight no matter what. I’m fat and will always be that way” and on and on. And it was true, nothing I tried did work. Now looking back I think how sad it was that I spent my teens and twenties believing all those things about myself and all that time hating my body. How sad that I spent all those great young years not being grateful for what I had. In high school I was hospitalized for bulimia. Regularly passed out from trying to starve myself after throwing up didn’t work. It was a sick cycle. After my kids were born losing weight was impossible and I hated myself even more, I didn’t even recognize my reflection. It got to the point where the depression took over my life; I refused to be in pictures, even ones with my babies.

Here’s how my version of the Law Of Attraction (called Hustle.Believe.Receive.) changed all that for me. Manifesting weight loss is the same as manifesting anything else, the same rules apply.

1. What you think about grows. In other words, whatever you are thinking about all day: “I’m so fat. I hate myself. I’m repulsive. I won’t lose weight; I’ll fail this time just like the others.” or whatever… all of those things will keep coming true for you. The words you speak become your future. So if you don’t want it to come true, DON’T SAY IT. Verbalizing it gives it power to manifest, and it will. Just look at your past, that’s the best indication that it works. Did you tell yourself you were fat and never going to lose weight and then magically lost weight? Probably not. That should be all the proof you need. Those thought controlled how you felt about yourself, they took your motivation, and they predicted your future, they delivered exactly what you asked for and more.
This very basic concept is all I understood in the beginning, and it is at the core to changing your life and losing weight. It’s how you can get the Law of Attraction to work FOR and not AGAINST you. So my first step was changing the voices in my head, and to do that I simply flipped those negative thoughts around when they entered my mind. I gave the negative no more room to grow, and I refused to speak the negative any more. Every time I wanted to tell myself “I’m fat and feel disgusting” I instead said “I am beautiful and so lucky to feel great and be healthy”. Over and over again. Of course I didn’t actually look any different, and saying this felt awkward and fake, but I forced myself every day to keep telling myself these lies. This is the power of a mantra, it kills the negative voices. So every time a bad thought comes in bat it away like a tennis ball with the opposite thought. It takes effort in the beginning but after a few weeks it won’t be that hard anymore, and over time you will start to actually believe it and feel better. And feeling better will motivate you to do what you already know you need to do from a health perspective… yep exercise and eat healthy.

But it starts in the mental space first. When you have your thoughts on the right track it naturally motivates you to get the rest in line. I lied to myself for about a year, the whole year after my husband left. Then one day I looked in the mirror and was ready to repeat my “lie” but this time I felt beautiful. I looked in the mirror and for the first time in my life I actually was beautiful. The lie had worked. I’d lost the weight around my heart and on my body and the women who looked back at me was beautiful (still feels weird to say lol). In that year of taking care of my mental space and rebuilding my life and retraining my thoughts I’d also lost 40 lbs! It was the first weight I’d really ever lost in all my life, and it was the first time I hadn’t focused on losing weight or even really thought about it, though of course I was working out like I’d done most of my life, and eating right like I’d also done most of my life, the only major change what how I thought about it and myself.

This is where Hustle.Believe.Receive. come into play. The Hustle was me using mantras and actively controlling your thoughts, on a conscious constant basis. This takes work and determination. The Believe will come after you’ve been telling yourself the positive message and it will be what will sustain your weight-loss and positive view of yourself for a lifetime. The Receive is when you will notice that it’s all working, that you feel great, that your attitude about yourself (not just your weight, this is about YOU) has changed. The weight will come off like it did for me, I promise! But the bigger win for me is now I know how to control those destructive voices and know how to love and appreciate myself and that has translated into me feeling good about myself which has made it easy to maintain. I simply don’t worry or think about it much anymore at all. Now if I don’t work out for a while I start physically not feeling good, but I know how to get back in the groove.

2. Fear Breads Failure.
Sometimes it’s hard to silence the fear of failure, the thinking that you’ve always relied on wants to take over and tell you this won’t work for you. Just remember that what you say is an even stronger predictor of your outcome than what you think. Watch the way you talk to your friends and family about your weight or yourself. Do not vocalize anything you do not want to come true. Be absolute in your goals and resolution to win this war in your mind. You can’t predict when you will reach your goal, but if you put in the work to change your thinking, you start being active, and you believe; then it will BE YOUR REALITY. That’s all. So don’t be your own enemy.


“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams” ~Thoreau


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Broken Hearts Never Mend…

Vanishing Broken Heart…

I’ve been wondering of late at what point the human heart shuts down, and emotions end? When does your heart say, “Look I’ve had enough. I’m tired of being betrayed, stabbed in the back, left to slowly bleed out. I’m done. I have no more to give. To anyone. Leave me alone.” 

What pushes it to that point? Where it’s walls are so thick and so high and so immovable that nothing can get through. Where it’s turned to stone. Indifferent and cold. How many darts can be hurled at it from all types of sources? How many knives twisting to the core? How many times can it be shattered, abandoned, stabbed, disappointed, emptied and left for dead before it simply vanishes?

And then what?

What happens when it’s a lump of gannet in your chest? Does it ever go back to pliable sand? What would motivate it to care? And why after years of friends, family, lovers, trying to drain the life out of it, why would it ever want to?

Broken hearts never mend. They may put a turnikate on and keep functioning. They may even close the gaping wound over time. But they never really, fully mend. The scars are there. And after a while scars upon scars turn to cartilage (I’m no doctor, but even I know that!)… and cartilage becomes so think and unflexible that it causes it’s own pain in addition to the pain it’s covering up.

It’s a very real fear I have. The past few years have taken their tole on my heart from every angle. I believe that in life you get what you give… which leaves me as the common denominator, I’m smart enough to figure that out. But I look at the ones who’ve thrown daggers in the front and back of my heart the past few years including my immediate family, and all the ones I’ve put myself out there for and loved only to be betrayed in the end… and I ask myself the very serious question…What the fuck?

In each case circumstances vary. Family is definitely different than lovers, and friends obviously. But all I can think is, how can someone who’s professed their love for you turn their back so quickly?  To steel a line from Katy Perry… “spit me out like I was poison in your mouth”. It’s a valid question. I can’t think of anyone in my lifetime that I have treated that way. Where one day I was on their side, and in their corner and the next I was throwing them under the bus. Standing by to watch it crush them with a satisfied smirk on my face. I just don’t have that in me. I’m full of flaws, obviously. But I could never be cold and malicious like that. I can’t get my head around how many people are that way though. Why are they always the ones I wind up trusting? When will my dumbass learn?

Broken Heart… never brakes even

I don’t want to give up on whats good and beautiful in life. I don’t want to close my heart to the opportunity of how amazing love can be, but at what point does that stop being my choice? I don’t want to wake up one day ten years from now and realize that it happened long ago. I know I can control it, but that takes the desire and will to rise above yet again… and I’m just so tired.



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Hustle.Believe.Receive. Sports Vision Boards

Manifest This!

If you don’t believe in Hustle.Believe.Receive. (HBR) you’re crazy! I’m sorry, you just are. I have sooooo many examples of how it’s worked for me all over this blog, but I figured it wont hurt to share one more.

I LOVE manifestations, they give me goosebumps and never stop blowing my mind. But I need you to understand one very important thing: 1. When they come into your life you need to be AWARE so you can spot them! Don’t be dumb and wait for the actual picture on your Future Board to show up live in your living room (though it might!)! Be open-minded and aware or you will miss them and think it’s not working, when in reality it’s been working all along; you just weren’t paying attention.

Picture on my Vision Board of Girlfriends

Example? I thought so, Ok here you go…

About a year ago I updated my Future Board. I had several themes represented and one that was new for me was that of “Friendship”. I knew that the last few years I had become rather isolated as a working single mom, and that friendships with girlfriends where hard to find and even harder to keep and maintain.  Finding one who really connects with where I’m at in my life right now has been difficult, as most of my close girlfriends live far away. The ones I have close by (200 miles away now) who I also adore have a lot going on in their own lives, and it’s difficult to always keep in touch.  I knew that I needed to make it a goal to get out there and socialize and work to make that a priority in my life.

So I put this picture alone with a few others on my Future Board. It’s of girlfriends sitting front row at a fashion show or an event. To me it’s not the “fashion show” I see when I look at this picture it’s the girlfriends doing something FABULOUS together that they love, and doing it up big! Those are the two things I thought about when I looked for a picture to represent the EXPERIENCE I wanted to have with my girlfriends:
1. Doing something amazing and 2. Doing it up in style!

That brings us to today when I get a call from my new girlfriend who I met through mutual friends “randomly” (nothing is random, we know that by now right??) on Facebook a few months ago. We instantly clicked in a way I didn’t even realized I had missed. Just silly and funny and get each other. We are both moms both juggling a lot, both into the same kinds of things. It’s been great to have that. So anyway… today I’m listening to her voice-mail where she says that her and I will be sitting court-side for the upcoming NBA game this weekend in Portland, when the Blazers play the Timberwolves!! I’m freaking out in the car hearing this, because of course I’m a huge fan of both teams and its court-side baby!! I’ve never sat on the court before for an NBA game! It will definitely be another Pinch Me Moment!

Then tonight we are texting, I’m frantically trying to brainstorm on what to wear that wont make me look fat on the court since there is no buffer zone! She is telling me how ridiculous I’m being and I’m cracking up at our banter… then I look up at my Future Board which sits framed above my fireplace, and see this picture.

Holly shit.

“OMG I just had an epiphany!!” I text. I tell her the story and think WOW… this still really does blow my mind! I will be sitting front row with a new girlfriend doing it up VIP style… if that is not HBR working I don’t know what is!!

But do you understand how I could of missed all those dots connecting and otherwise maybe gotten discouraged? If I was only waiting for four girlfriends who looked like the chicks in Sex in the City to sit front row at NYC Fashion Week I might of missed that my “dream/vision” did in fact come true! I wanted girlfriends in my life; I got a new one! I wanted that big over-the-top experience and it showed up…. it’s so easy!

Be aware. Always look for the magic in your life. Look for it every single day. Count every single tiny win. This to me is a huge thing, it’s a dream come true! But it was a lot of little things over the course of a year that lead up to this big “aha moment”… see what I mean? Don’t give up. Give it time and patience and recognize when the little things are falling into place, and be grateful for them and celebrate them. The more you do, the more you will receive.

Happy manifesting!!

Oh and BTW… I got to wear those $3,300 CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Red Bottom shoes too!!! Yep!!

Dream Christian Louboutin’s!


Checkin the score, sitting on the court!
sarah centrella court side NBA games
Rockin the Chanel Shoes and LV bag on the court!
court side at nba game
View from my court-side seat!

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