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Relentless Pursuit & The Hustle.

Hustle.Believe.Receive: Relentless Pursuit and The Hustle.

I believe you must Hustle aka work if you want to see results.  You can’t sit back on the sofa with your feet up and drink a beer waiting for Ed McMahon to ring your door bell announcing that you’ve won a new life.

Sorry 🙁
Nope! I hate to be the one to burst that bubble, If you heard that all you have to do to achieve riches, glory and success is simply dream it into existence.   I can understand if your a little disappointed and confused right now.  If you prefer to believe that version of Attraction, then you might want to read a different blog.  If however you “tried The Secret and it didn’t work”, then you’ve found the right place!!   I believe that you must put in work to get results. I can hear the collective “ugh” “seriously?” and “can’t I just buy a Lottery ticket and manifest the winning numbers??”  The only response that comes to mind for that question is, “good luck with that!”

If you’ve ever read my response to readers questions you will notice I always start with the bad news (like what you just read) but that I also follow it up with the good news, or a new way to think about the issue at hand. I also believe in giving some tangible steps to put into action.

Now for the good news…

This should actually give you MORE hope. Bare with me a second and let me explain. If you were under the impression after reading or watching The Secret or others like it, that all you needed to do was envision your dream life and it would show up, you probably are having a REALLY REALLY hard time believing. I know I did. It took me three years to even begin to come back around to the idea, because it was too far out of reach for my imagination. It was too far fetched. I had no power, other then over my thoughts, there was nothing I could DO to make a change. I needed something tangible.

I had imagined and envisioned winning the Lottery a million times, but I’d never won the Lottery. So I went on feeling helpless about my life, like if I couldn’t manifest those winning numbers I was doing something wrong.  I felt that winning the Lottery or something like it was the only way to success with Hustle.Believe.Receive.  Those thoughts lead to doubt which lead me further into depression and feeling like a failure.

I’m not saying that The Secret didn’t awaken something in me because clearly it did, well to be honest it was the two Oprah shows on The Secret that sparked my hope. But for me there was an element missing, I couldn’t get my mind to grasp the massive disparity between my current reality and the one they were promising me. It seemed “too good to be true” and there was nothing tangible for me to grasp, to start “working” on it.

It wasn’t until I began working on my dreams that life began to open up for me. This puts the power of success in your hands, at least to get the process started. I set goals and then I consciously went after them. I did all within my power to achieve them. I worked hard. I focused on the task at hand and the Big Picture, and little by little began seeing results. I realized that my Relentless Pursuit was a burning desire to make a better life for myself and my children. That I was not content with sitting around and waiting for that to happen. That I’d move Kilimanjaro if needed to get where I intend to go! Nothing is going to stand in my way. I hustled, and still do like crazy. Working night and day on my dream, putting in the hours, doing the work. I’m not going to sit by and wish life was better or different, I’m going to get off my ass and MAKE it that way.
Relentless Pursuit is the drive, determination and passion behind reaching your end result. It’s what fuels your desire to reach the goals you have laid out for yourself. It’s that personal motivation, that “reason” why you are on this path. It’s the place you draw on when you want so desperately to sit it out.
It’s the element that refuses to allow you to quit.
To give up.
To fail.
To turn back.
To lose faith.
It’s your stronger self.
It’s what drives your Hustle.

The Hustle:  To do everything within your power to reach your goal.  To daily put actual effort and action behind your intentions and desires.  It’s the preparation. The work.

I revert to athletes a lot because I know so many and am fortunate to get to know their thought process and am fascinated by their combination of Hustle and Relentless Pursuit. Their Hustle, is them showing up EVERYDAY to practice. Punishing their bodies whether they are told to or not. Whether they have a coach, a trainer or not. Regardless of the obstacles, the elements, the haters, they put the work in, day after day. They eat right, they do all the things within their power to make sure they are positioned for success and opportunity when it arises.  That’s The Hustle. Without that they would never be good enough to make their dreams happen, regardless of if they had all the talent, “good positive thoughts”, money or connections in the world.  They still need to have the hustle DOWN.

Their Relentless Pursuit is the reason they Hustle. Maybe their motivation is to make a better life for their families. Maybe it’s for fortune and fame.  Regardless of the reason it’s what keeps them motivated when they are tempted to give up.

Hustle.Believe.Receive. is the added element of magic. It’s the piece that ties together Relentless Pursuit, with Hustle to manifest the results. The results you’ve not only envisioned and believed in, but also worked to achieve. 

Sarah Centrella is the author of the book Hustle Believe Receive which teaches you how to apply the #HBRMethod to change your life and live your dream.

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Motivation & Inspiration

Single Mom Living My Dream

Snorkeling in Maui with my son

Have you ever felt like you were on the brink of something? Like the brink of falling in love…those butterflies, that hope. The feeling that the world is yours all you need to do is roll outa bed, open the door to discover the rainbow has landed on your welcome mat.

I have felt like that for the past two years. Through the struggles, (and lord knows there have been MANY), and the highs, I haven’t been able to shake the feeling that I’m working towards one day opening the door to my rainbow.
Like, it’s crazy but I just know. I trust the struggle at this point. I have unwavering faith that the plan for my life at 36, is just now starting to come together. It’s such a great feeling! Honestly. It’s one that you are feeling now too, if not yet you will.Because it spreads.
It’s infectious, like the Macarena at a 90’s dance club.
And it’s comin’ for you.
It’s hope.
It’s the possibility that there are actually possibilities.

That feeling the past few months has been acute. Everyday something happens where I see the colors in the sky starting to form, where my heart skips a beat. It’s knowing for the FIRST time in my life that I have found my place, I’ve found my calling. There is some sorta crazy peace and unstoppable joy that comes when you are doing what you love to do. It’s a level of completeness that I don’t think I’ve ever known.

It’s hard to put into words, how freaking stressed out I was prior to 3 years ago (even prior to a year ago). It eat at me always. Financial issues in particular. When I was married it seemed there was nothing my ex and I could do to get ahead. We were always broke. Not in the “I’m broke I can’t go to Aruba” since, but in the “return cans for deposit so we can buy gas” sense! The retarded part of it was to look at us, we seemed like we were doing pretty well. Drove a nice car, had nice things, lived in a nice house, had good jobs all of that. But what no one knew is we were NOT making it. And anyone who’s ever struggled with financial issues knows it is the start, or root to the rest of your life headed down the crapper. It was one bad thing coming our way after another. A never-ending supply of 90 mph curve balls, some we ducked but most hit us in the face. The stress eat me alive, night and day.

Kanen and I at the White House

I remember one night laying in bed several years ago, and thinking…actually thinking…it was more then I could take. To be in a hole that black for that long, joy simply can’t survive. Laughter dies. Smiles fade. Weight finds your ass (and the rest of your body).

“Hope, I just need a ray of that” as Eminem would say. But I didn’t even have the energy for hope. That was way more work than I was interested in. I didn’t know what the word meant, or how to begin.

I can’t tell you how many times our cupboards ran bare. Our utilities were turned off. Our phones disconnected. Our cars boomeranged. I was always learning how to creatively survive, for most of my entire life. It was a cycle I’d come to expect was normal, and the best I could hope for.
What dreams?
This was reality and sucking wind was what I was accustomed to.

Since being on my own I have still had many of those struggles. Especially early on trying to get back on my feet. It’s been very difficult and times are always tight. But as I reflect back on my reality then vs now…the difference is as clear as night and day.

I learned how to be grateful for what I had. I stopped wanting what I couldn’t afford, and started living in the moment and showing gratitude for the littlest things. My motto became “If you’re not grateful for what you’ve got, you wont get more to be grateful for”. All the homes we once owned, the new cars we used to drive, I don’t think I was EVER grateful for those, I was too stressed trying to figure out how I’d make the payments! But when I lost it all and moved into that tiny shitty 750 sq ft 2 bedroom apartment, I was sooooo grateful. I was so happy to have it. Have a place I could afford and be able to have my babies with me, nothing else mattered. My pride had died a log time ago, so who cared?

That’s when my life began to change.

I think of all the things that have shown up in my life the past 2 years. Things I could NEVER afford, most of them there is no price tag for those experiences regardless. Yet they have come to me, and when they do, I allow myself to be ridiculously excited and cherish the moment.

On ESPN sitting court side for UCLA game

Where once my cupboards were bare, now I’ve learned how to Super Coupon and have a store in my basement that enables to share, and bless my friends and family. I’m teaching other single mom’s how to do the same so they can better provide for their families.

Where once I wasn’t able to even entertain the idea of a vacation, now I’ve taken two major ones with almost no out-of-pocket expense. Last year I took my son to Maui Hawaii on air miles I had earned from work, and stayed at little local B&B’s for $40 a night, we had an amazing time and did it on basically zero budget.

This year I just booked our dream trip! In October we are going to watch a Raven’s NFL home game! My son’s a huge fan and we began talking about it, and put it on our Vision Board over a year ago.

This trip is The Law of Attraction at it’s best:

On the Field at Ravens Stadium
  1. I have NEVER seen a free airline flight for 25,000 miles. I’ve checked many times believe me, and to fly 50 feet it’s more then 25,000 miles! I had 51,000 miles saved up. When I started looking for flights I actually found 2 seats from Oregon to Baltimore (cross-country, round-trip) for 25,000 miles each! (I promise you I have NEVER seen a flight for that low of miles before), I booked them at a total cost of $70.
  2. About 5 months ago I met and became great friends with a former player for the Ravens who generously offered that if we ever went to Baltimore he would be happy to provide the game day hook-up…zero dollars (mind you we had put the pic on our board over 6 months before I met him).
  3. In the past 2 years I have planned countless trips to DC with work for various work events, and for whatever reason they have always fallen through at the last minute. I’ve wanted to go there for at least 15 years, and have had a picture of the White House on my board for well over a year… We will be spending all day Saturday in Washington DC, and snappin pics of us in front of the White House!

This is a great example of living a life where ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. It’s not up to me, or you to determine what is or is not possible in our lives. It’s up to us to have a dream. A vision of what we want to experience and accomplish in life, and start moving in that direction. The magic comes on it’s own…it finds you like the tooth fairy; you wake up in the morning after a loss to find the treasure.

Stop building a box to live in.
Take down the walls and walk out your front door…
The rainbow has been waiting.

“You and I know what it’s like to be kicked down, forced to fight. But tonight we’re alright, so hold up your light let it shine, shine shine. This one is for you and me, living out our dream. We are right were we should be. With my arms held high, I open my eyes and now all I wanna see, is a sky full of lighters.” 
-Lighters, Eminem (click to listen, it’s amazing!)


Sarah Centrella is the author of the book Hustle Believe Receive which teaches you how to apply the #HBRMethod to change your life and live your dream.

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Dating Relationships

Make Her Fall.

Kiss her…

It seems to me that there are a lot of men out there who either A) Don’t know what a women needs, wants or thinks or B) Plain don’t care, or feel that caring would make them less of a man. Assuming you are a male in category A. please keep reading.  If on the other hand your in camp B. go back to being a douche bag!

For all the guys who think that women are these complicated, game playing “unreadable” creatures put on this earth to drive you crazy (and not always in the good sense of the word) I offer a simple guide to what women want from you (regardless of what they say!).

Here’s how to make any women fall for you, (or fall again) or stop hating your guts if you’ve been fighting.

sweep her off her feet
Sweep her off her feet!

  • Listen to her (with your ears not just your facial expressions). Enough said.
  • Show affection. Reach for her hand, put yours on her leg, put your hand in the small of her back (we LOVE that).
  • Give her eye contact. Yes even if you’ve been together forever, nothing can reignite the spark quite as fast as great eye contact.
  • Kiss her. Be gentle, eyelids, tip of her nose, forehead,
    neck, shoulders. Stand behind her when she’s making you dinner and move
    her hair to the side and kiss the back of her neck…even a pissed-off
    women will let whatever the beef is slide if you use that trick!
Make her feel safe.
  • Surprise her (even if she says she hates surprises). Catch her off guard, by dancing in the living room, bringing home her favorite wine for dinner, whatever, be creative. Prove that you know your women, these little gestures go a LONG way. Even the little tiny things, most women will see and appreciate the fact that you did something to show you’ve been paying attention to what she likes.
  • As a general rule, read her mind. This isn’t really that hard to do, honestly (stop laughing!). It’s not. Ever get frustrated because she says “one thing but wants another”? It’s easy to spot that. If you are observant and know her, and have paid attention to her mannerisms, body language, and how she talks about certain things you will be able to spot when she says one thing but really wants the opposite. Then you can be the hero and be the one guy in her life who got it right! Example: She has been talking about going to this new restaurant down town, she’s mentioned it a few times (hopefully you where “ears” listening and not just “face” listening). Saturday night rolls around, you have made plans to “go to dinner and hang out”, but you suggest a movie and take-out instead…She says yes, agreeing to a movie and take-out, but gives you the cold shoulder all night. Her body language is annoyed, disappointed and she really just wants you out of her sight. But every time you say “are you SURE? We could go out to dinner…” she still says yes that she’s sure. Inside she’s thinking “how is it possible that this dude is not understanding that I wanted to go to the new restaurant? Eventually he will SEE how annoyed I am and fix this mess!” I’m telling you, if your the one guy who was paying attention to all her actions, body language, tone of voice and emotions you will nail this! If not that movie night is not gonna end the way you were hopin!
  • Give her attention. Flatter her. NO WOMEN ON THE PLANET “KNOWS THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL” THEREFORE DOESN’T NEED TO BE TOLD! Come on now guys! Tell her. Often! Make her feel sexy, beautiful and the reason your eyes light up. Let her see that.
  • Appreciate what she does for you. Big or small don’t let them slide by without showing your appreciation and gratitude.
  • Love her more than she loves you. If you do this, and all the above, then she will love YOU more than you love her. So you will both be up shit creek without a paddle. In other words don’t be afraid to give that much love. That much of yourself. Be okay with the fact that maybe your the one that gives more, your more vulnerable and exposed. But until your there you can’t really really know true love.

The beauty of all this is that you can apply The Law of Attraction here too. You get back what you put in. You get back the love you put out, but it’s multiplied. It’s like gaining interest on your 401k. If you keep making the deposits you’ll keep gaining interest. Put the work into her and she will love you harder and longer than any women has before her. Teach her how to love, be selfless and know that the reward and the payback will be great.

Love her faithfully until the end.





Sarah Centrella is the author of the book Hustle Believe Receive which teaches you how to apply the #HBRMethod to change your life and live your dream.

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Nurture Wins Out

Mira and Izzy
My silly girls..


Centrella twins
My little divas!

In keeping with my belief that Everything Happens For a Reason I had another recent epiphany (love those!).  This time it was about my beautiful little twin girls. They are the loves of my life along with their older brother, but those little princesses are just so unique. I got to thinking about that, about how independent and confident they are. About how freely they express their opinions and show their larger then life personalities. About their endless joy and optimism towards life. About their little princess outlandish ways…they are simply the two most convincingly amazing little creatures I know (no bias whatsoever!).

But honestly their personalities are very outgoing, confident and capable. There is truthfully nothing they don’t BELIEVE that they can do. They have no fear (granted not always a good thing…leaping off a 5 foot monkey-bar because you can is not well thought out on their part, but…). I don’t think I’ve ever seen two little girls who just KNOW that anything is possible quite like these two.
I say that for two reasons:

1. Because my older son who is 8 is NOT that way at all. Granted every child is different and confidence is taught and picked up differently by each child, but he is so much more timid. I work regularly to teach him these skills, to demonstrate faith and the principles I believe in and as he sees them working in little and big ways and his confidence grows.

 2. Because my epiphany was that if I were still married to their father I don’t believe that my girls would have their current personality. Now this is where many of you who plant your stake in the Nature vs Nurture camps will probably protest. So I guess this means I believe in the nurture part of that argument.

Knowing my ex-husbands personality and how much my own was suppressed in our marriage I KNOW that my daughters would not have been exposed to confidence, or faith, or the concept that anything is possible. They just wouldn’t of. I suppressed my own personality so much in my marriage. By nature I’m very outgoing, outspoken, (I like to think I’m kinda funny too!), confident and (now) an optimist. Those were characteristics that my ex did not appreciate or encourage so by default after 16 years they died. My girls were only 13 months old when we split so they have been raised by the real me. As a result their personalities are very much encouraged to be whatever they want to be, they have that freedom and flexibility.

Of course I know that they learn great things form their dad as well, but I look at them and am so grateful everything turned out the way that it did so they can grow up without limitations.



Sarah Centrella is the author of the book Hustle Believe Receive which teaches you how to apply the #HBRMethod to change your life and live your dream.

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Sarah Centrella's kids
My little brood in Seattle 2012
~These are personal pictures of me and my little brood, please don’t use w/o permission~


Hustle.Believe.Receive. Your Life Coach

The Law of Attraction: My Recipe for Success.

1. Gratitude:

  • Find something to be grateful for, ANYTHING. Remind yourself every single day, what you have in your life to be thankful for (I know you got something!).
  • Being thankful for what you have is the best way to recieve more to be thankful for.
  • Gratitude is the key to happiness and happiness is the key to your success.

2. Thoughts:

  • Kill the negative voices in your head. Kill negativity in all forms in your life, don’t dwell on what you don’t want, or you will get more of that.
  • Positive self talk. Replace those negative thoughts with positive ones. 

 3. Begin to dream:

  • Think about what you really want in your life, what EXPERIENCES do you what to have?
  • Break it down specifically. 
  • Day-dream about it, all the time (aka visualize)
  • Create your Vision Board.
  • Dream Big. Allow your self to dream BIGGER THEN BIG. 
  • Make a bucket list This is such a great way to learn to ALLOW yourself to start to dream.

4. Words:

  • Stop speaking negative words, don’t get caught up in a “bitch fest” convo about your life with your BFF. Remember words hold more weight then thoughts, every time you say something out-loud your brain is buying into it, more each time. So if you go around talking about how much your life sucks, you will BELIEVE that, and it will continue to suck!
  • Start instead verbalizing your positive thoughts and desires. This is hard at first because it seems so unnatural. But stick to it, it again the more you verbalize it the more your brain will start believing it.

4. Believe with blind faith if necessary that your results WILL COME.

  • Use affirmations, and mantras to continually tell yourself the “when” not “if”.
  • Tell yourself what you want and need to hear (I’m beautiful, I’m healthy, I’m happy, whatever)! It will be such a refreshing change form life where no one tells you what you want to hear!

5. Be Aware. Recognize your manifestation.

  • Try to be in the moment and always aware, because The Law of Attraction will bring your wishes into your life but probably in a different way then you might be expecting.  So be aware, and present.
  • Your goals/dreams have not time limit on them, no expiration, so be patient and go about your life. Knowing they will come when the time is right. Remember the Big Picture.
  • Happiness brings happiness, so celibate the little wins.
  • Enjoy the rewards of blind faith leading to actual result, and that faith becoming WHO YOU ARE, and no longer work.
  • Recognize when your manifestation has come into your life. Most of the time they show up unexpectedly in a way you never even thought about and it takes you a minute before you realize what it truly is.  It’s like putting a puzzle together. So notice it.  And celibate it!

6. Hustle. 

  • Don’t forget to DAILY put in the work necessary to change your life. That work can be mental as the steps above indicate, but it can also be physical. You doing things that will put you in a position to realize your dream when it comes. DO THE WORK!

Welcome to your new life. You have the power to create it. To build it like a dream home, draw up the plans, your the architect. Then bring in the builders and start working on the new construction that will become the life you want it to be. You created the one you are in by default. Now create the one you want by design.



Click HERE to pre-order my book #HustleBelieveReceive which gives my 8 steps to success to changing your life and living your dream. Not all “law of attraction” teaching works, in fact most don’t.  But over the last 5 years I’ve learned what does and how to quickly and easily apply it to get fast, life changing results. Learn more about my #HBRMethod for success.  

Divorce Parenting

Divorce: Can’t We All Just Get Along!?

Why is divorce so damn annoying? I mean seriously. How is it that two people who once were so deeply in love can go from that, to MORTAL enemies? It’s so strange to me, honestly. Its crazy because no where else in life are you forced to interact with someone on a regular bases that you simply destine. It’s like a bad joke! The tension is ridiculous and it’s been three years of separation and two since the divorce was final and still communication is impossible! Cant we all just get along!!?


I put it behind me years ago and have moved on to a very happy mental place where I’m honestly grateful for that situation and believe it was the Universe delivering me my life back, so no hard feelings here! But he still cant even look at me! I don’t get it.
But what is more frustrating than anything for me is that, day in and day out I’m a full-time parent and I’m here for my kids, as a parent should be ALL THE TIME. Not just when it works in my schedule. But no matter how many times he lets them down, when it comes down to it, the kids are just so happy and grateful for the little he does do that it makes it seem so huge.
I cant help but feel sad knowing all the different things I have done with just my son, so that he could get some one on one time doing something he likes, only to be totally upstaged by his dad spending one hour alone with him. I so desperately want for him to have his dad in his life the way that little boy deserves. Want him to come first in his dad’s life, not last. It breaks my heart as a mom to see the disappointment when he is let down. But it’s hard to to see that it takes so little effort on his dads part to get that kind of joy, yet it’s still not a priority.  I cant get my head around it.


I don’t mean to sound sorry for myself, but there must be other single parents out there who feel like I do; that you give 100% to your kids everyday and you see the unappreciated side from them more often then not, cuz your just mom/dad and that’s what you do. But then the parent who’s never around swoops in for one grand gesture and you see the beam on your child s face that you’ve gone so out of your way to try to put there on a regular basis.
I guess when it comes down to it, the parent who left will always be the more mysterious one because they are absent. So the comfort is in knowing that I’m here for them on the bad days and good, and that I’m the one they rely on so I guess it stands to reason that it would be a “given”.
Still sucks.



Sarah Centrella is the author of the book Hustle Believe Receive which teaches you how to apply the #HBRMethod to change your life and live your dream.

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Hustle.Believe.Receive. Motivation & Inspiration Your Life Coach

How to Get out of the Black Hole.

I get emails and messages from readers every day, who are at the low point I was at a few years ago. They feel lost and hopeless. Nothing seems to be going right in their life, and they have come across my story and it’s inspired them at least enough to share with me these thoughts and feelings. I’m so honored and humbled by this, but I also know that it’s in it’s self The Law of Attraction at work for both of us. For them because this is the defining moment when their search for better has lead them to connect to my story, and for me because telling it and answering your letters reinforces my own strength and faith. It’s definitely a 2 way growth relationship, that I’m so grateful for.


I can relate to the feeling of being buried a live, or being swallowed by a black hole of darkness and hopelessness, I felt that way for so long. I had lost all joy. I stressed 24/7 about the lack of money/food/gas/diapers, the basic necessities of life. Always wondering where rent was coming from…all of that. I’ve basically lived most of my life with those feelings and stresses consuming my thoughts. It was a vicious dark circle. I always felt like the weight of that stress was going to be the death of me, and sometimes it felt that dark.

overcoming depression
It wasn’t until my husband left in 2009 that through the pain and loss, I began to grasp the concept of “blessing in disguise” or “everything happens for a reason“.  When I was able to take a step back and really look at it, I suddenly felt a sense of empowerment and freedom. The Law of Attraction gave me that extra “it” that I so desperately needed. It gave me HOPE. I figured I had nothing to lose, I had tried it my way my whole life and I was sick of that shit! I wanted better. Better for me, for my kids.  I felt like if I could dream again, then I could get the life I had always wanted.
So step 1: Want it!
It seems too basic to even make into a bullet point, but trust me it does not go without saying. You have got to want it. You’ve got to be fed-up like I was and at the point where you are willing to want it, and willing to believe. Even if you look around and life seems super crappy. Your circumstances suck, your life seems to suck.
I don’t know if anyone has ever told you this before or not, but….whatever you WISH your life looked like, YOU can make that happen. I don’t care if that seems ridiculous right now. I don’t care if you don’t know anyone around you who’s “successful” (in all the various ways people can be, financially, socially, lifestyle, happiness) that doesn’t affect your RIGHT and your ability to make the life you want for yourself. Regardless of how helpless you feel to change, YOU CAN.
Here’s how:
If you really want to break the negative cycle, and start taking the driver seat in your life, than that’s the MOST important ingredient at this phase. YOU GOTTA WANT IT! You gotta want something better, something more. Hunger feeds determination and determination will fuel your dream which will lead to your results. So don’t be scared to really WANT IT.
I think this is hard, because when you feel you have been beaten down by the world, part of you doesn’t feel you deserve to WANT it. That you don’t deserve better than what you have. Don’t pay attention to that voice. Don’t give it the time of day! Everyone deserves to live the life they desire, especially you.
STEP 2: Begin to Dream.
What do you want?
What would make you happy if you could snap your fingers right now? And DO NOT SAY MONEY! Money is the easy cop-out answer. I want you to think very specifically.

What do you want? Like really?

In that daydream you had as a kid, what did your life look like “when you grew up”? I want you to dream (not about Things, about your LIFE).  I want you to think about the kind of person you will be in 5 years when all this has clicked and your smack dab in the middle of your dream life. Are you working? Doing what? What do you love about it? Why is it fulfilling you? What are your children doing? How old are they in our dream?  Are you taking them to Disneyland? etc…I don’t know what your dreams are but those are examples of what I need you to think about it.
As you begin to build this movie in your head, think about it day and night. Before you go to sleep, daydream about it. Start making it into the best motion picture Hollywood could produce. Make it 3D baby!  Know all the details of your dream. Picture yourself in an average day, doing average things. What do you look like then? Where have you gone? What have you done?
 Most people don’t know how to dream because it’s so discouraged in our society. We are taught to deal with our reality. Well I’m giving you 200% permission to go back to that little girl/boy who daydreamed about life, and start dreaming again. Don’t be afraid to stretch your dreams imagination….in other words go there…to the place where you push the limits and you dream the big dream!
When you’ve done this…email me and let me know how you feel and then we will move on to step 3. But take your time, think about it day and night…let it marinate 🙂 We will get you out of this and on to a better place, just believe. 🙂

Sarah Centrella is the author of the book Hustle Believe Receive which teaches you how to apply the #HBRMethod to change your life and live your dream.

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